Thursday, February 18, 2021

Thursday This n That

Me: Crap.  Is it Thursday?
Hubs:  Yep.

Of course, I knew today would be Thursday when I sent my timesheet to the office last night, but upon waking this morning, I had no clue.  Wednesday was a wash.  So was Tuesday, I guess, since I don't remember it at all.  

We're getting at least a couple dozen birds at a time at the feeders these past few days.  Juncos, cardinals, blue jays, white-crowned sparrows, fox sparrows, crows, nuthatches, woodpeckers (downy, hairy, red-breasted, and piliated), Carolina wrens, and one lost-looking, lonely goldfinch.  The sparrows are singing, which gives me a happy.  

We're also getting inundated with deer right now.  Both this and the above are due to the cold and the snow and the fact that finding food on their own is harder than coming here for a free meal.  Moochers.  Heh.

Fertile Ground is on sale now.  I made a pretty graphic and what I think is a grabby blurb to use in my marketing posts.  You can see it over at Outside the Box.  Here's hoping it gains me some sales.

Hubs, bless his heart, thought about contacting our elderly neighbors to see how they've been faring in all this.  Their pipes froze and they'd been without water for 3 days.  Derp.  Hubs to the rescue.  We've been storing extra water for a while now and have added to the stash quite a bit in recent days, so we took jugs to them to tide them over until they could get their water running again.  (With a reminder for them to call us if that stuff runs out so we can give them more.)  We saw a plumber dude over there yesterday, so here's hoping he could do something.  With the temps the way they've been I expect their whole system is frozen solid.  =o(

I'm over 30 million in poker now.  Yeah, I know... stop playing poker and get back to work.  I would if I could, but I can't seem to muster the will right now.

How are the this-n-thats in your world today?


  1. My pipes are good, but my brain is frozen solid. I can't keep up with what day it is, either.

    Poor Mom's pipes are frozen, though. I worry for her, but BIL is taking water to her. She sounds cheerful on the phone.

    I've had power for 15 hours! But I'm waiting for the shoe to drop. Hard to work when you know everything might disappear without warning.

    Here's to the upcoming warming spell!

  2. We are at 300+ hours and counting of below freezing temps. All in all, we've fared ok considering 10 inches of snow and those temps. Amazingly, a little 1500 watt space heater has kept our oversized double-car garage at least 40 degrees through this. Yesterday, the thermometer out there was up to 50! No washer/hot water heater pipes freezing out there. Yay.

    The family who built this house in the 60s were Czech refugees. He had heater vents placed under all the bathroom sinks, except the master. All the pipes are in the slap so lucky there. Only one line on an outside wall--the one to the toilet in the master bath. It froze twice. Hairdryer worked wonders. Now I hit the area with the hairdryer for about 10 minutes at bedtime and leave a 65 watt "real" lightbulb centered on the intake line. So far so good.

    Rolling blackouts created some havoc for area folks. So far, we've been lucky there, too. No gas cut-off or electrical blips. Water is now a concern. Major line breaks happening all over and the city put out a warning. I have jugs, buckets, and bowls of water to flush the toilets just in case. We have bottled water and other drinks so good there.

    Update on ferals--Lucifer is still camped out in the cat box, which means the others are mostly staying away. I feel bad for Shylock, who normally lives there. I haven't seen him since Luci showed up. Saw Mamacat this morning. She may have had her kittens which is worrisome. We'll see if they appear. Birds and squirrels are flocking to the feeders. I finally cleared out a 4x3 spot in the driveway yesterday so I could throw out food for the starlings and crows. As that "hole" is 10" deep, they were a little hesitant yesterday. Today? FOOD!

    Can you tell I've been obsessing over the weather?

    In other news, I had a book release Tuesday. As for new writing? Pffft.

    And that just about sumes up my current life. We're supposed to finally get above freezing--the the balmy temp of 35--on Saturday. I'm soooo ready!

    Hang in there and good on y'all for looking after the older folks. That generation doesn't like to ask for help. Stubborn coots but hey, they've survived it all. Stay warm!