Thursday, February 11, 2021

Thursday This n That

One of the unfortunate things (out of many) about this whole chaos crap is that I have been unable to locate my preferred type of soap locally.  I prefer Lever 2000 Aloe and Cucumber.  It's the only soap that keeps me from being itchy.  (I'm an itchy person.)  When I couldn't find it, I bought regular Lever 2000.  Nope.  Shunted that over to Hubs and picked up Dove for sensitive skin.  Nope.  Still itchy.  So, I broke down and ordered my damn soap through Amazon.  A 12-pack there was about $11 more than I used to pay at Walmart, but a gal's gotta do what a gal's gotta do.  That's about a year's worth, so no big deal.  And on the upside, Hubs is set for soap for a while.

Speaking of Amazon, why do they keep telling me things are available for free shipping and then when I go to check out the only free shipping option is to sign up for Prime?  I don't want Prime.  I don't order enough to cover the cost of Prime.  Gah.  Lucky for me, the damn soap was free shipping without meeting the $25 bar.  Unfortunately, a CD I really want and a book I really want are NOT eligible like they said they were.  Bastards.

By the way, aloe is awesome.  I swear by it for sunburns, cooking burns, dry skin patches, bug bites...  I'd slather myself with it if it didn't leave a residue.  Some people even eat it.  I haven't gone that far yet, but you can find jugs of it in the pharmacy area at Wallyworld, so it must be medicinal.  

In an attempt to stop thinking about dogs, I've snoozed all the pet sites on FB for the next 30 days.  I mean, it was getting obsessive.  I even renamed one while I was supposed to be napping.  (Sour Patch, who I am totally in love with, is now Callahan.  Partly for his 'Dirty Harry' sneer and partly for the fun book Callahan's Crosstime Saloon, which was loads of fun to read.)  Sheesh.  What a neurotic nelly. 

The other day, Hubs asked, purely for theoretical purposes, whether if we could get a pet, whether I'd rather have a cat or a dog.  Didn't even have to think about it.  Dog.  He was a little stunned.  Oh, I like cats, but in truth, I am a dog person.  Hell, my Chinese zodiac sign is DOG.  The only reason I had a cat was because I was renting and they didn't allow dogs.  And then once we owned our own home, we couldn't get a dog because of the cats.  And now that we have no cats, we can't get a dog because reasons.  Maybe some day.  Not in the foreseeable future.

I belong to a FB group about local road conditions.  Yesterday, when the weather was nasty, people kept posting questions about road conditions.  They were kind of repetitive, which led some other people to get frustrated and snotty.  Yes, the askers could have just looked at the previous posts and extrapolated that their particular route would be nasty, too.  But these days, that's asking a lot.  Critical thinking skills are lacking just about everywhere, and that's what you need to extrapolate anything.  Shrug your shoulders and move on.  There's no point in being snotty.

And that's it for me.  What's up in your world?


  1. I've ordered stuff I can get IN Walmart from That includes dog food, a charger cord, hardcover books (both cheaper than the 'Zon). I guess I order over the $35(?) threshold for free shipping/delivery? OH! I alo ordered sheets. They were only like $38 queen-size and they are LUX! So soft and smooth and they fit the freaking mattress! (Ours is really thick.) It's a thought/alternative to 'Zon. Even though I have prime. Which is mostly for the TV/Vidio stream. Anyway.

    The weather here sucks. We should be starring in a reality show about live below zero. Roads are finally not too bad. I have to get out later today to pick up some fresh items at Wallyworld. I don't trust their "shoppers" when it comes to fresh stuffs. They're predicting massive snow this weekend and next week so I'm going to stock up now.

    Got some writing done. Not much. Only a chapter and start of the next but progress! Turns out my Seine canal boat witch is English. Who knew?

    So far, the ferals are surviving. I'd do a dog house with straw and covers but I don't thing they'd get in it. 😥 I've given them some shelter and they get fresh unfrozen water and a combo of wet and dry food in the morning. There's enough kibble for them to eat through the day and night too.

    I feel for the ranchers. This is prime calving season. They're out there on patrol 24/7 to grab the calves and mommas and get them into the barn or some sort of shelter. Plus extra hay and grain.

    Not much else going on. Just watching the weather, ignoring the national chaos, keeping my head down, staying warm, and trying to get more words to move from brain to fingers on keyboard.

    Later, tater!

  2. I finally downloaded Windows 10 so I could do Mom's taxes. The darn thing ate up all of this month's allotment -- and a bunch more! I so don't want to see my internet bill for this month! I got W10 for free, so that offsets some of it. But I had to hide from the internet for 3 days. That nearly killed me. ;-)

    This morning my heater went on the fritz. Right now my house is 53F. Shudder, and get out the blankets! Thank goodness the HVAC guy thinks he can get here tomorrow. He couldn't come today because all the roads are iced over.

    That's big expense #3 (the washer went out first). I'm hoping that's it for a while. A looooong while!

    Oh. I haven't even started taxes yet. Tomorrow?