Friday, February 12, 2021

The Weather Outside is Frightful

Here in southwest Missouri, the temperatures are frigid and they're set to plummet to ungodly levels starting tomorrow.  Additionally, they're calling for like 3-9 inches of snow next week.  Right now, we're looking at roads covered in ice with little hope of that changing before the snow flies.

Yes, I am from Michigan.  Up there, this would be just another yucky day in the month of February.  Hell, in the upper peninsula, that weather would be defined as 'Tuesday'.  Down here, it's bad.  

Since southern Missouri and the entire state of Arkansas don't see weather like this but once... maybe twice... every decade, it means they just aren't prepared to deal with icy roads and more than a dusting of snow.  They can't drive in snow and ice, and they don't do well keeping the roads clean.  (For the record, Missouri is better at it than Arkansas, but not by much.)

Add in the fact that the roads around here are mostly hills and curves, and you've got a recipe for disaster.

So, we're staying home.

Oh, I have no doubt I could safely drive to pretty much anywhere around here.  Might be a little sketchy getting out of the neighborhood, but after that, I'd be golden.  The main problem is other drivers.  They can't seem to maintain their lanes on gorgeous days.  What will their craptastic driving be like when the roads are bad?  Personally, I don't want to find out the hard way.  Nope nope nope.  I have never ended up with my car in the ditch and I don't want to start now.

Yeah, it would be a little sketchy getting out of the neighborhood.. that's the other thing.  You see, they don't send the big salt trucks and plows in here.  Ever.  There's one dude in a brown pickup who comes through with a spreader attachment in the truck's bed, sporadically shooting salt as he goes.  When we have snow, he has a plow attachment on the front and a spreader on the back.  I think the county contracts him to do it.  Lord knows, it's not a county vehicle.  He'll get here when he gets here.  

And until he gets here, the hills my little car has to climb to get out to the highway are going to be slippery as hell.  And I don't even want to think about that S curve right before the BIG hill.  Blerg.

So here we are and here we'll stay.  We're pretty well stocked up on the necessities.  The only thing we're going to run out of before too long is deer food.  Which sucks for them.  And I feel really bad that I wasn't more on the ball last week and got loads more corn to carry them through.  =o\

How's the weather where you are?


  1. The same as yours but it came earlier and way more inches of snow predicted here.

    My dad grew up in Wyoming and Colorado. We've always had at least one vehcile with 4WD. (Currently, mine is AWD with "snow" gear," LG's pickup is 4WD, and the kids have a 4WD Jeep.) Dad had a saying: 4WD will get you started, even on ice, but it won't do a damn thing to get you stopped. Truer words never spoken! Like you, we can drive on this $h!+, it's the other people that can't. So, we stay down and in as much as possible.

    I think we have enough for the next 10 days. LG will need cigs. Wish I could send corn to you!

    Not much else going on. Instead of writing, I'm continuously talking myself out of going back to bed because baby, it's cold out there! We're getting small snow flurries as a precursor to the big show/snow arriving early Sunday. *sigh*

    Okay. I fell down the rabbit hole this morning. I found a pic of a black cat on a wall in either a cemetary with crypts or formal garden with a folly.
    My brain: Ooh! Cover?
    Me: Yeah. Let's go look! ... T
    wo hours later, I finally did a Google photo search (after scrolling through several thousand on Depositphotos) and at least found the photographer's flicker. And now my grain wants to insert a damn black cat into the story.
    Me: Why?
    Brain: Because.
    Sade: You've stuck me with crows, why not a black cat?
    And on that note, I guess I should at least attempt to figure out the witch, the vampire cop and the black cat. Who doesn't talk. 🤣 Stay warm!

  2. It's too cold here, too, around 22F, but we're only expecting 1" to 2" of snow this weekend. Roads are icy, and the county only puts sand on bridges, not on the roads.

    And my heater is still out. He plans to come today if the roads aren't too bad. I hope he can -- it's 47 inside right now! Brrrr!

    Thank Mom for a good space heater!