Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Tuesday Stuff n Junk

I do posts like this when my brain is incapable of holding a single thought long enough to write an entire post on one subject.

Yesterday, a comment to yesterday's post arrived in my inbox for moderation.  They said something nasty about me and then tried to coax me to their religion by implying it could fix me or some such nonsense.  ROFL.  You'll note the comment did not make it through moderation.  Comments like that are deleted.  My readers don't need to see that crap.  

I'm kinda derailed with my writing/editing/etc. Thus, my previously stated schedule for having Duke Noble out is on pause.  This may be due to my not being able to hold a single thought in my head for any length of time.

In release news, my friend Silver James' latest Red Dirt Royalty: Twice the Temptation (through Harlequin) is available in ebook format as of yesterday.  (Paperback due out on the 9th.)  Also, the children's book my friend Cedar Sanderson illustrated - One Hungry Werewolf went live today.  And another acquaintance Sarah A. Hoyt has a new book out today, too - Draw One in the Dark (urban fantasy).  Yay for all of them!

Facebook keeps trying to suggest pages that are supposedly 'for me'.  Umm, no.  About one in five, they get it right.  Like the Michigan photography page or the lighthouse page.  Eco-freako pages?  Nope.  Feminist pages?  Nope.  Trans-whatever pages?  Ut-uh.  Leftist loony pages?  No way.  Football pages?  Yeah, they missed the part where I quit football cold turkey and never looked back. 

Speaking of football, until this morning I had no clue who made it to the Super Bowl.  The Chiefs, apparently.  And that was because they're Missouri and a news-weather site I follow said something about the weather on game day for the Chiefs.  Meh.  I have no clue who they're playing and I don't really care.

I know I mentioned thinking about creating a garden.  I'm not sure if I mentioned I'm leaning toward a container garden I can set up on my deck.  It would get rid of the need to fence the damn thing to keep the deer out of it.  Anyway, it's an idea.  It wouldn't be too hard, either.  And we have most of the stuffs to get it going, or we can get the stuffs cheap at the thrift stores.  Basically, I need dirt and seeds.  And probably those platforms with casters so I can roll the plants around to get the best sun and protect them from storms.  

PBS is showing a new version of All Creatures Great and Small on Sunday nights here.  It's a pretty good show, if you can distance it from the books.  (If you never read the books, you're home free.)  They've also got a show called Miss Scarlet and the Duke - a mystery set in the Victorian era, I think - that's kind of fun.

Okay, I probably better get a start on my day.  What's up with you?

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  1. Thank you for the kind mention and I've heard through sources that the paperback has been seen at Walmart. I haven't been in this week to check. I'll look tomorrow during my weekly grocery run.

    My face is almost back to normal. Yay.

    I got a little writing done yesterday but mostly I was looking at street map views of Paris and learning way more about Interpol than is probably healthy. I did find a location for the Interpol satellite office, the location of the American Embassy, and a little, out-of-the-way hotel near Notre Dame where Sade and Caleb are staying. Hopefully, more words today. Maybe.

    I have to pick up Stormy after school. Only has a Dr. appt. and won't be done in time. I'll pick him up, swing by to pick up our $10 Tuesday pizza order from Papa Murphy's, then head to the Starbucks where Only is meeting us for the exchange. Fun times.

    I keep getting distracted and wandering off before finishing this and hitting [Publish]. Ah well.

    I got audio book lucky. I know have the first 3 Witch World books in audio for a whopping 4 dollars. One was free due to KU. I think the only reason I keep it since I don't "read" much any more is for the occasional deal on audio books! I have 2 books to listen to (finished the first) and a pre-order hit so yay.

    Not a whole lot else going on. I guess that's good. Hang in there! I need more coffee to see if that will help me focus.