Saturday, February 6, 2021

Saturday Reading Wrap-up - 2/6/21

Not the most exciting week in reading - reading paperbacks takes longer and there's the editing I'm doing which is taking up reading time - but here goes...

I picked up five ebooks this week - romance, UF, suspense and 2 mysteries.  Plus, I still have a mystery and a paranormal mystery left from last month.  Not sure when I'll be able to read them all, especially since my Kindle is still occupied with editing.  

Books Read:

6) Fear is the Key by Alistair MacLean (2/5/21) - Suspense - 5 stars.  Neither new to me nor underappreciated.  50c at the thrift store.
Review: "A most excellent novel - all the way through. I was a little concerned at first, what with the main character seeming so shady, but I knew MacLean wouldn't let me down. The end was awesome, if a little sad. Oh, the good guys win and the bad guys lose, but I would've been happier if there had been a happy ending for the main character. :sniffle:
Note:  The main character does not die.  I just wanted him to be happy.  But of course, it wasn't to be.  =o(
Extra Note:  This one is part of my collection now.  And it is now treasured as one of my favorite books of all time.

No DNFs.

Currently reading... Since, once again, I finished the book late on Friday, I didn't start a new book yet.  

What were you reading this week?

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  1. I've read 22 of my 200 GR challenge, which puts me 3 books ahead. I had a delightful week going down Nostalgia Lane when I discovered I could get the first 3 books of the Witch World series by Andre Norton in audio. I feasted on all three! All are long-time favorites by Ms. Norton.

    22 - Year of the Unicorn (Witch World #3) - Fantasy - 5 stars. This is the book that made me fall in love with shifters. A witch who knows nothing of her heritage is paired with a wererider who is considered the lowest man on the totem pole by his pack.

    21 - Web of the Witch World - SciFi/Fantasy - 5 stars. There are elements of science fiction in this one as there is in the first. It's the further adventures of Simon Tregarth and Jaelithe going against the Kolder--an invasive species that is technologically advanced. Magic overcomes tech. Yay!

    20 - Witch World - SciFi/Fantasy - 5 stars. Simon Tregarth is on the run. He stumbles into the one man who might save him from those who want Simon dead. All it takes is $$, and the daring to sit on the Siege Perilous to be transported to the world where the seeker truly belongs. Simon takes the chance and ends up in Estcarp--a place ruled by witches at war with the men around them, along with the nasty Kolder. He accepts this fate and manages to help save a witch, fall in love with her, make friends and shield mates, and win some battles. There is magic and Hawkmen (they train and bond with falcons and other birds of prey), and swords and sorcery with touches of scifi. What's not to love!?!

    I'm really hoping more of the series will make it into audio, especially THE JARGOON PARD and WARE HAWK, two of my other favorite books in the series. Fingers crossed.

    Currently listening to SHADOWS IN DEATH in anticipation and to refresh my memory for the new In Death release arriving Tuesday. Cheers to a good week of reading!