Thursday, July 9, 2020

Thursday This n That

We're hitting Wallyworld today.  Should be interesting.  The Owl has all sorts of fashion statement masks she ordered online to choose from.  I will still be maskless unless they make me wear one.  (I still have one in the car.)  The plan today is to go in, get everything that doesn't require refrigeration, put it in the car.  Then go back in and get all the perishable stuff.  It's supposed to be wicked hot again, so the plan is necessary.  Since I already picked up deer food last week, we should have plenty of room in the car.  :fingers crossed:

We're also supposed to get a storm system rolling through, so I have to get my butt in gear and get the shopping done early.  Blerg.  I need more coffee.

Our daylilies are thriving.
I've been coveting this bunch of daylilies for a while now because we thought they were on the neighbor's property.  Then the neighbor got his property surveyed and they're actually ours.  Yay.

The world is such a fucked up place right now.  Look for the beauty where you can find it. 

I might make a cake today.  I need cake.  My ass doesn't need cake, but the rest of me does.  Chocolate oil, I think.  I already bought frosting because I knew I wouldn't feel like making it.  I have cream cheese frosting and chocolate frosting.  We'll see which way I go.  Woohoo.

Not much else going on right now.  Ranty stuffs.  So, I'll leave it here without going into that.  Got anything on your this-n-that list today?

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  1. Don't forget the ice cream! And pretty day lily. Mine are in too much shade to bloom and I'm too lazy to move them in the fall. Ah well. 🤷🏼‍♀️

    Hot here. It's not the heat (though it contributes!), it's the humidity! Wake up in the morning, it's 77 degrees outside with 86% humidity. It's like breathing swamp water. Heat index puts what it feels like about 10 degrees warmer. Ugh. Just gonna get worse over the weekend. We're hoping to get the tailend of that storm front going your way. 😓

    I had a couple of stalks of tiger lilies bloom. I don't do much for them beyond keeping the wild grapevine off. They're pretty. The lilies, not the grapevine. 😉

    I had an onion sprout some time ago. On a wild hair, I planted it in the back bed. No flowers out there, just monkey grass so it's not a flower bed and if I call it a monkey bed...well, people's minds go there. 😜 Anyway, the green tops sort of wilted so I harvested the onion. One bulb had turned into three. I sliced and sauteed them last night to go with our hamburger steaks and they were pretty darn tasty. 😋

    Not much writing but I'm enjoying the heck out the shifter series I'm reading. Mostly. It still makes me laugh more often than not but some of the characters are grating on my nerves now where before, their antics amused me. Sign of the times, I'm sure. 🐱‍💻

    Not much else going on around here. Stay cool and good luck out there in the world. 🤗 (This is a hugging emoji, just fyi. LOLOL)