Thursday, July 30, 2020

Thursday This n That

Wow, it's Thursday again.  Which is weird because I spent most of Tuesday thinking it was Friday and Hubs spent most of Tuesday thinking it was Wednesday.  Yesterday was and is a blur, other than each of us reminding the other that it was, in fact, Wednesday.  (Necessary because Wednesday night is when we get the trash ready for early Thursday morning pick-up.)

Such a life.

Anyway, it's Thursday.  Again.  Not really a big thing.  Trash day.  The day I have to make sure my timesheet is at the office by the time checks get written.  (I did it last night before I shut my work email down for the day.)   It's the day we get our second, weekly, local newspaper. 

Newspaper is one word but time sheet isn't?  What the hell is up with that? 

Today is the second to last day of July.  Where did that month go?  Right in the crapper with March-June.  I'd hope for a better August, but let's be real here. 

On a happier note, the fawns are here most mornings and bouncing around like fawns do.  We do have one fawn we were worried about because every time it was around here, it was crying like it had lost its mommy, but we saw it with its mom and it was still crying.  It looks healthy, it's not lost.  It's just a whiny fawn, I guess.  I think I'll name it Wanda.

It's gotten cooler here for a bit.  Low to mid 80s, which isn't cool but better than mid to upper 90s.  I really need to get off my dead ass and go for a walk, in the rain if necessary.  As long as it's not thundering.  Not zappies for me, thank you very much.

I need a haircut.  I can't blame this mane on the 'rona either, because I cut my own hair.  This mess is all mine and I need to muster the will to deal with it.  Today.  Before my shower.  I keep remembering to cut my hair when I'm halfway through the shower, which doesn't do me any good. 

Gah, I need to muster the will to do a lot of things.  Cut my hair, write, clean...  Right now, I only seem to have the will to watch TV and play poker.  Umm, yah. 

So, what's going on with you?

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  1. It is Thursday. I have to fry 16 pounds of bacon today for the pancake breakfast at the Post. Masks, cleaning and social distancing protocols in place. 🥓🥚🥞

    I'll take the cooler temps though the humidity is so high its like being in a slightly less hot sauna. Still, we're looking at 80s all next week. First week of August? I'll take it! 😁

    Got some words written this week. Not many but some. Blerg. I gotta figure out my head! 🤕

    Baseball is back. Cards started out great and then...ouch. Can't be many ouches in a shortened season! 😕

    Evidently North Woods Law, Lone Star Law, and Northwest Law don't have enough "real" cops because they're still on. You know, because game wardens aren't "real" cops. 🙄

    Okay. a couple more stops and then time to fry the bacon. Then a shower to get the bacon smell out, a trip to Wallyworld, and hopefully, more words this afternoon. Hang in there! 🤗