Monday, July 13, 2020

Sunday +1 Update - Week 27

Hey all.  Sorry I totally brainfarted about yesterday's Sunday Update post.  Like total brainfartness.  I didn't even realize I'd missed it until it was almost dinner time and then I figured I could hit it this morning instead.

So anyway...

I managed to get about 2500 words added to Cinder Ugly last week over 4 days.  Not exactly burning up the keyboard, but better than nothing.  I'm still trying to find my way from here to there and it's slow going.

The free thing for Project Hermes ended.  I moved 40 copies.  No residual anythings.  :shrug:

I didn't read anything last week.  Partly because I've been trying to keep my brain focused on Cinder Ugly.  The thought is that it doesn't need any fictional distractions right now.  :shrug:

The world has become such an ugly place, Hubs and I have been listening to pretty classical music before we go to bed at night.  It helps distract the brain from all the ugly and it's good to affirm that pretty things do exist, that man is, in fact, a heroic being, and that we can create beauty.  Don't believe me?  Go here and listen to this.  If you don't find that beautiful, I can't help you.

Other stuffs happened, but right now, I can't think of anything else I want to talk about.  Is there anything you'd like an update on?  How'd your week go?


  1. I had a week. There was a weekend, spent mostly in bed on the heating pad. But you've already read my update. 🤣

    Hope the music helps. Yay on new words. Boo on too hot to fish or walk. Same here, except we've also had the rain, wind, and storms.

    Hang in there!

  2. I like classical, too. Sometimes it's good just to listen to music and unwind. Good luck with Cinder Ugly!