Sunday, July 26, 2020

Sunday Update - Week 29?

I can't believe it's already Sunday again.  And I damn near forgot to post an Update.  Not that there's much to update.  Life amongst the chaos go on.  To what extent they'll allow it to go on remains to be seen.

When I look back at the week, I realize I did next to nothing.  No writing or writerly pursuits.  I did read a book.  Yay!  Also my activity log for the week only has one entry and that was last Sunday, when I went for an early walk before it got too hot to be outside.

A neighbor gave me zucchini, which I shredded into 8 cups worth.  I made a batch of bread, which promptly disappeared (one loaf to said neighbor and the other down our gullets).  Yesterday, I made another 2 loaf batch.  I still have enough shredded zucchini to make four more loaves.  (I freeze it in 2 cup increments for easy use.  The recipe requires 2 cups per batch.)  And I made granola bars yesterday, too, because I have been remiss in making granola bars and we were out.

I discovered on Monday that Dollar General was going full-on mandatory mask on Tuesday.  Thus, when I went to DG on Friday (I was in town and needed a couple things, so why not?), I masked up.  I managed to make it through without a full-on panic attack.  'Breathe through your nose and don't try to talk' seemed to work.  Both of these are antithetical to my person.  Yep, I'm a :gasp: mouthbreather.  And a talker.  The latter of which should come as no surprise.  But hey, if I have to do those things to get through wearing a mask, which I have to do if I want food for my family, I will do it.  Stupid as it all is.

The fawns are coming into the yard regularly now.  We think we have 5 individual fawns*.  I'll know more as I succeed in getting pictures of them and comparing spot patterns.  The two tom turkeys are also regularly visiting the yard again.

Other than that?  Nope.  What went on in your life last week?

*Update: 6:55am - there are 5 fawns in the yard right now, so it's confirmed.  The light's still to low for pictures.  Sorry.


  1. I was pretty much a slug last week and definitely was yesterday! Not much to report here. No fawns, which is a bummer.

    Weatherman says this week may be cooler. I vote for that.

    Coffee is my BFF but that's a given.

    I spent most of yesterday in bed. Sort of. I got up early, as I do. I did my normal morning routine. I swore I was going to write and then stuff happened. I ended up taking a nap, not waking up until almost 8 p.m. LG was napping so I fed the boys and went back to bed. I woke back up at 4:15 a.m. and snoozed until 7 this morning. I didn't think I was tired but...

    I have to get off Writer's Block Mountain and get shit done.

    My chocolate peanut clusters are tasty even if they melt on my fingers. I'll make bite-sized next time. Solves that problem. LOL

    Okay. Time to finish the morning routine, get more coffee, and kick my @$$ into gear. Later, tater!

    PS - I'm proud of you for hanging in there on the mask. 💖

  2. Yay for fawns! And for turkeys! I look forward to photos. :-)

    Double yay for coping with the mask. They're a pita, but you've got the gumption to make them work. It takes a little while each time for me to get used to one, but after a bit I hardly notice it.

    Not much work done on the book, but I got a massive wholesale order printed and folded. Unfortunately, I have a question on one item, and he hasn't gotten back to me yet. Oh, well, I can mail it Tuesday.

    Wishing you a productive week -- writing, editing, and/or cooking!