Saturday, July 18, 2020

Saturday Reading Wrap-Up - 7/18/20

Umm, yeah.  It's another week with no reading.  Call it the mid-summer blahs.  I'm resting my eyes... yeah, yeah, that's the ticket. 

No new books.  No DNFs.  No nothing.  And I guess you could say I'm still currently reading that UF I was reading last week, but since I haven't done any reading... 

What about you?  Are you reading anything good these days?  Or are you stuck in the blahs like I am?


  1. Still doing the paranormal romance series re-listen. Up to book #8, Wolf with Benefits. Ricky Lee Reed is a Tennessee Smith wolf cousin. She's the oldest of a jackal family that include 11 prodigies: mother and all her siblings. Toni is just...Toni, left to take charge and run things. There are Russian bears. A honey badger. And lots of sibling rivalry. It's fun.

    I'm at 114 books on the year, still 6 ahead, having listened to 3 books last week.

    Here's to a better week of reading--or writing!

  2. I haven't been to the bookstore in months, but we'll try again next Tuesday. Maybe we can finally match their hours.

    But I've been happily rereading Mercedes Lackey - I'm up to By the Sword. And I'm contemplating ordering the Spy series, but haven't worked myself up to it yet. Muuucch too cheap. Um, thrifty. Yeah, thrifty.