Thursday, July 16, 2020

Thursday This n That - Chaos Edition

Ir may sound silly, but I've been drinking tonic water as a kind of prophylactic measure.  Not sure if the quinine is helping stave off the 'rona, but hey, it can't hurt.  Plus, it's yummy.  Two-thirds OJ, one-third tonic.  It's like a gin and tonic without the pine.  I wonder if there could be some kind of study to see how tonic drinkers rate in the 'rona numbers.  :shrug:  No worries - I don't think this makes me invincible against the crap.  I'm just hoping it helps tamp the shit down a bit.

Well, they finally did it.  Wallyworld caved to the fearmongers and, starting Monday, everyone everywhere will have to wear face masks to shop there.  And so I caved and ordered face masks.  I'm tempted to write things on the outside of mine, but I don't want to smell permanent marker on top of the whole 'I know I'm not suffocating, but I'm suffocating' thing.  I get panicky when I'm breathing my own air.  And then I start to hyperventilate, which isn't good on any given day and can't be good while wearing a face mask.  Bastards.

Note: After thirty minutes of trying to find face masks that were made in America that didn't cost me a tit and a half, I caved again and bought a 50 pack of China masks that are sold and ship out of Dallas.  Only $19.99 and free shipping.  Amazon, of course.  They're due to arrive around the 23rd.  Until then, I'll just avoid Wallyworld - which isn't that hard since I'm pretty stocked up from the last run.

The Kung Flu is still on the rise again here.  Hubs is keeping track of it all and giving me updates.  As I said before, if I wasn't worried about bringing it home to him, I wouldn't give a rat's ass.  At this point, I'm so over it all.  Bring it on.  Except no.

For the record, I don't have a problem with individuals choosing to wear face masks.  You want to wear one, more power to you.  You have to wear one because you're in a high risk group, you do what you have to do.  The problem I have is people, myself particularly, being bullied into wearing one.  America - the land of the kinda free when there isn't a virus about and home of the no-so-brave anymore.  =o(

By the way, even if you're wearing a mask, stay six feet away from me - even after this is over.  I don't want your cooties.


  1. I don't like being bullied, either. But I'm in a high-risk group, and just pray masks will be enough. Texas cases are climbing like a vicious vine.

    The 6' rule might stop a whole lot of flu this fall. And it makes this hermit very happy -- stay out of my space!

    Today is dad-sitting day. I'm ready for my cartoon fix. :-)

  2. Would Walmart allow you to wear a clear face shield instead? I noticed a couple of Kroger employees wearing the face shields instead of a mask.

    I no longer worry about the numbers rising. The sooner we get most (non compromised) people infected the closer we are to herd immunity. Even so, you can't trust anyone anymore. There are various reports that counties are double counting cases even when lab work wasn't done. Others are including plain flu results as covid.

    If they can't do honest accounting, how do you expect people to trust them?

  3. Don't believe the death numbers attributed to Kung Flu either. Had a case here were a Viet Nam vet who'd been in hospice for the past nine months dying from Agent Orange-caused cancer died. The ambulance service took him to the local hospital. An ER doctor who had never seen this man nor did he check to see if there was a medical history automatically tagged his death due to Covid. Yeah...lots of rain pooped down on that hospital. But his death still went into the stats as Covid.

    I'm less high risk than LG but still on the upper risk level. I don't mind masks except they're hot and steam up my glasses. I just automatically put mine on whenever I got inside somewhere. Not in my car. Not at the drive-thru.

    I haven't gotten any words written. I spent almost two hours dealing with fallen limbs and trimming up youpon trees and piling the debris at the curb for big trash day. Then I wanted a cold shower and a nap. I got an ice pack and a doze. It works.

    As soon as I log off here, I'm going to do some free writing. I have a prompt. I'm just going to write crap until a scene evolves.

    I wish I had something exciting to report. I don't. My life is about getting up early because Loki wants breakfast and the dogs want out. Still dealing with some residual hip pain early in the morning.

    It's hot and humid but we've had some rain so I'll deal.

    On a bright note, I'm fixing buffalo parmesan chicken strips and streak fries for dinner. Bring on the bleu cheese dressing!