Saturday, July 11, 2020

Saturday Reading Wrap-up - 7/11/20

Well, this is going to be a short post.  I didn't finish any books last week.

I did snag one new book - an UF that sounded fun.  So, I have three unread ebooks - that UF, another UF, and a mystery.  Still no new hardcopies because while the thrift stores are open again, they're requiring masks and I don't need old books bad enough to wear a mask.  Yet.  I am jones'n for some new old books though.

No DNFs this week either.

I'm currently reading that most recently acquired urban fantasy, but I haven't made much progress because I've been trying to focus on writing. 

What was up in your reading life last week? 


  1. I finished off 4 books, so a productive week for me. Not much to report as they are re-listens in a favorite series. I did DNF one book. Luckily, it was from the library. I managed 6% and quit. Boring. Which made me sad. There was a LOT of hype about the book and lots of raving. Eh. I'm at 111 books, 6 ahead of schedule and will likely finish the current read today. Series is Shelly Laurenston's Pride/Pack series. I'm on book #5. BEAST BEHAVING BADLY. All thses books are 4-5 stars for me and I read them for the zany humor. Hitting the spot these days.

    Also hoping to get writing done today. LG is gone until late afternoon so I have no excuses. Except I'm enjoying my book listen too much. Priorites, right?!?! 🤣

    Here's to productive writing and/or reading/listening for us all!

  2. I've been rereading old favorites for weeks since the used-book store's hours are weird, but I'm threatening to order a few on AbeBooks. Probably won't, though. Not until I get REALLY desperate. ;-)