Thursday, December 26, 2019

Thursday This n That

Christmas was quiet here.  Hubs made a most excellent turkey, but it got done earlier than expected, so we ended up eating at around 11:30a.  Thus ended the holiday activities.  Woohoo. 

I began to watch It's a Wonderful Life yesterday.  My god, what a depressing movie.  Sure, it gets happy at the end, but that's a heaping helping of depressing for the happy payoff.  I turned it off right after George gives up his dreams yet again so his brother can go into research.  I don't need that kind of sad in my life.  I'd love a movie where old man Potter has the stroke instead of George's dad, so George can live the life he wants instead of the life everyone else needs.  But where's the conflict in that.  Fiction needs conflict.

You'll see on Saturday that I have now read A Christmas Carol.  For as much as they play up the greedy aspect of Scrooge, I was struck by the fact that it wasn't so much a matter of which his greed was doing to others but what it was doing to himself.  It seems the movie makers all cut out the part where Fred is talking to his wife about how they should feel sorry for Scrooge because he's so closed-off and lonely.  It was the lack of giving of himself and not the giving of money that made him so pitiful.  Anyway, that's my take on it.

Speaking of reading, I'm four books away from my adjusted goal for the year.  Four books in six days is doable, if I read to the exclusion of everything else or pick short books, and I don't waste anymore time on books I don't finish.  But I'm not holding my breath.  If I don't make the goal, I will pat myself on the back for a valiant effort.

I've been working on my year-end wrap-up posts.  Better to start those now and have only minor adjustments next week than to wait and do them when next week comes.  Besides, it helps fill the boring minutes. 

Gah, next week is next year.  I'm so not ready.

Okay, time for me to go do something else for a while.  Dishes, maybe.  Maybe another cup of coffee and a few more smokes before I start the day.  Have a good one out there!

Your turn.  What's the this n that in your world today?


  1. Turkey is yummy no matter when it's ready. I did that for my blog for this week--set them all up in advance so I didn't have to worry/stress/remember. my world...

    Christmas was nice and pretty low-key. Baked the cinnamon rolls I made with the Thanksgiving dough and froze then LG and I headed north to the Kids. We ate the rolls and opened presents. Stormageddon made out like a bandit! Then we headed south to the in-laws and had a small Christmas with a few presents and a great visit then home. LG and I made sandwiches and napped. We had more sandwiches and pecan pie for dinner. Then bedtime.

    I'm 1 book away from meeting my GR goal. I'm 5 books away and after 2 DNFs, I picked a tried and true that I hadn't listened to since 2017 so almost a "new" read.

    I didn't plan groceries just right so I have to hit the store today. 🤯

    Book is "final" edited, working on blurb edits (thank YOU very much!) Still waiting on cover. Need to start next project.

    I won a flash fiction challenge from Monday. It was fun. If you want to check out the prompts and my tale, you can go here: was a slow and insulated week for me. I still have the stupid cold. And have to do laundry today. And that dreaded run to Wallyworld. Gah. But I got a Starbucks giftcard so there's Starbucks as a reward. Time to get a move one.

    Later, tater!

  2. A nice quiet Christmas here, too. I've only seen bits of It's a Wonderful Life, and it struck me as waaay too depressing to go on with.

    Normally Mom and I shop on Tuesday, but I objected to shopping on Christmas eve so we went today. Stores were still crowded, but a clerk friend said Tuesday was ten times as bad, so we timed it right.

    Now it's much later than I planned and I still haven't finished all my chores. (I read far too late; shame on me.) Wishing you a very happy Friday!