Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Sometimes Stuff Just Happens

I have a new coffee maker.  The old one freaked out after the last power outage and wouldn't keep the time correctly, no matter how many times we reset it.  Sounded like some kind of electrical thing and I didn't want a meltdown, so I got a new one.  Same make and model. because it's cheap, it makes good coffee, and the last two I've had have lasted about 3 years each.  Which is better than the one I bought right before we moved here.  It met the hard-hard water enemy we have and fell in battle after a week.

Then after I got home from the store with the new coffee maker, I attempted to set up my little 3 ft, pre-lit Christmas tree.  Plugged it in and only the bottom half lit up.  Now I have to make a special trip to the store to get a new tree.  Lucky for me, the tree will probably cost about the same as the coffee pot - $20.  I think I'll get one with multi-colored lights this time.  The last one was all white lights.

Eh, maybe this happened because I was patting myself on the back about how much money I saved at the store.  Well, the universe showed me, eh?

If I was really superstitious, I'd begin getting paranoid about what would break next, because of the whole 'things happen in threes' belief.

Or perhaps the coffee maker died because after three years, it's inexpensive electrical components began to fail and the power outage goosed it along.  And the tree lights died because of the tiny wiring I was inadvertently jerking around while trying to get the limbs to settle just right so it wouldn't look like a Charlie Brown Christmas tree.  (A battle I have every year.)

Most things happen for a reason.   Sometimes the reason is that I buy cheap stuff.   Sometimes the reason is that I'm careless. 

Heh, I just thought of the third thing, which actually happened first - the snafu with Wish Hits the Fan on Friday led this string of minor irritations.  That was carelessness on my part.  One, two, three.  Maybe now I'll be a little more careful for another three years.  (I won't stop buying cheap stuff, though.  I'm miserly that way.)

Occasionally, there is no reason behind something happening.  It's human nature to look for a reason, but sometimes there simply isn't one.  It's those times when I have to shrug and say 'shit happens' and move on.

Here's hoping nothing else happens this week, this month, or this year.  I could really use a break.  And here's hoping nothing happens to any of you.  :hugs:


  1. *knocks on wood* I'll second that. Now, if we could just get the stupid people to fall in line, we'd be covered. Here's to good stuff. 🤞

  2. Wishing you a calm and happy month!

    I buy cheap stuff, too. Most of it lasts as long as the more expensive stuff, and works just about as well. Why waste the money?