Saturday, December 21, 2019

Saturday Reading Wrap-up - 12/21/19

Hi!  Time once again for the Saturday Reading Wrap-up!  Yeah, probably not as exciting as it sounds, but I enjoy doing it and I hope you enjoy following along.

I picked up several new ebooks this week - a suspense, a romance, and a SF.  No new hardcopies.  After the blasts of used books I've gotten already this month, I should probably stay away from the thrift stores for a while.  But then I could miss something really awesome.  What if there's a copy of I, The Jury or The Big Sleep sitting there and someone else buys it??  Gah!  The trials of an old book hunter, I guess.  I wish I had an in with all the thrift stores so I could have first pick of their new donations.  :sigh: 

Books Read:

113) Witness for the Prosecution by Agatha Christie (12/18/19) - Mystery Short Stories - 4 stars.  Not new or underappreciated.  50c at the thrift store.
No Review.
I shorted this one a star because it was short stories and some of them were kind of meh.

112) The Bug Hunter by Ken Davenport (12/17/19) - Technothriller*# - 5 stars.  New to me and underappreciated.  Picked up for free off the Reading Deals newsletter.
Review: "Pretty good technothriller. Not Crichton, obviously, but certainly hard to put down and definitely worthy of a read."


12/16/19 - mystery.  Free.  I should've been warned by the reviews, but I figured I'd give it a try anyway.  The reviews were right.  The writing on this one was not good.  He said, she said, the maid said, the dog said.  All saids, all the time, folks.  And it was loads of 'said sadly', 'said abysmally, 'said intuitively'.  My editor would've stabbed me with her pretty pink pen if I'd tossed that many adverbs and dialogue tags at her.

12/16/19 - I gave up on the Helen MacInnes.  It was dragging and I lost patience with it.  I thought maybe I'd try it again someday, but I'm running out of shelf space and keeping a book because I might maybe someday try reading it again when I already DNF'd it seems silly.  Maybe I don't need to collect Helen along with everything else I collect.

12/15/19 - not tellin' - paid full price.  Well, that was disappointing as hell.  I'd been waiting for this one to come out and it was going along pretty good.  And then it got weird.  So I flipped past the weird, which didn't seem necessary to the actual storyline, but then the actual storyline got lame and suddenly the characters became too stupid to live.  I tried to forge ahead, because I'd paid full price for this one and I hate to waste book budget money, but it didn't seem like it was going to get any better, so I gave up.  And no, I'm not going to ask for a refund.  To me, that's like wearing shoes for a week and then taking them back because I suddenly realized they were ugly and pinched my piggy toe.  Or eating part of a pizza and then demanding a refund because the sausage I ordered on it gave me heartburn.  I'll eat the cost and chalk it up to lesson learned.

This reminds me of why I don't put titles on DNF books.  I really don't want to hurt anyone's feelings or their sales with my opinions of books I don't finish.  Titles lead to Google alerts and authors stopping by to see what I might've said about their books.  Which could possibly lead to all kinds of blerg.  Don't want extra blerg.  Got enough already, thank you very much.

Currently reading... a military SF.  So far, so good on the story.  Loads of typos, though.  One character's name is Brian and there are several instances where it's spelled BRAIN.  (Note to self - never name a character Brian.)  And there are some misplaced quote marks on the dialogue that are making me stumble a little.  I'm still not having a problem with reading it, though, so I won't DNF it for that reason.  Here's hoping I don't find any other reasons.  I hate putting time into a book only to DNF it.

What fun and interesting (or not as the case may be) things did you read last week?

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  1. I only managed 3 books this week. Two were from a new-to-me author, lots of hype so not underappreciated. I listened for "free" due to my Audible Escape subscription. I love it and my libary. The book budget is nil but for that subscription and I grab enough that it pays for itself. I think I mentioned the first book last week, as I was listening to it on Saturday. Anyway...

    255 - Viking Warrior Rising, Asa Maria Bradley. Paranormal/UF/SF(?) Interesting worldbuilding based on Norse mythology plus genetically enhance super-soldiers. The worldbuilding didn't get in the way of the story and I liked the characters. 4 stars, Audible Escape

    256 - Viking Warrior Rebel, Asa Maria Bradley. Second book in the series. I like the characters (the heroine was a Valkyrie) but it got predictable. 3 stars, Audible Escape

    257 - The Gift, Margaret Mallory. Historical. Neither unknown nor underappreciated. I wanted something a bit seasonal and this was set during Yule in Scotland. I enjoy Mallory's voice and while predictable, this short novella hit just the right note with a hunky Highlander who is on a mission, the herbalist Sassenach from London he finds half dead beside the road, misunderstandings, true love, and life-or-death rescues. 4 stars Audible Escape.

    Currenlty listening to Midnight at the Blackbird Cafe by Heather Webber, a...women's fiction? Definitely magical realism. Likely a touch of romance. So far, I'm enjoying it. Estranged granddaughter returns to the home she'd never seen in Alabama form Boston upon the death of her grandmother. There are secrets and two sides to the story and blackbirds and a cat and a dog(?) and pies that give dreams of those who are dearly departed. Yeah. Just my brand of crazysauce. I'll report back next week. And this is why I love my library--totally free to read. 🥰

    Happy reading!