Thursday, December 19, 2019

Thursday This n That

I can't believe it's Thursday again already.

I can't believe 2020 is less than two weeks away.

I can't believe some of the things I'm seeing online. 

I'm struggling a bit this morning over something I saw.  It was kind of jaw drop, although I must admit not entirely unexpected.  The writing was on the wall.  It's like when someone you know who's really old and sick passes away.  You know it's a definite possibility, but when it actually happens it's kind of shocking. 

I really don't understand how any rational person can hate Trump so much.  Employment is up, the economy is booming.  People are freer with him around than they would be without him.  I mean, I know it's the lies they're pushing about him, but that's why I said 'rational person'.   And I know... err knew... some people I thought were rational who hate him.  Not just dislike, but virulently hate him.  I don't understand it and it makes me sad.  I guess those people aren't as rational as I thought they were.  =o(

I think I need to go bake something.  I still have apples and cranberries, so probably A/C bread.  Gotta use those before they go bad.  Maybe brownies, because then, after I bake, I can eat the whole pan.  Apples and cranberries are too good for you to be comfort food.

I really need to go into the woods and throw some logs.  It is, unfortunately, too dark out right now.  And by the time it gets light enough, we'll have deer coming for breakfast.

Speaking of throwing logs, I was out there doing what I do and I fell on my ass.  (Which is also something I do.)  This morning, the bruise must be in full bloom because it hurts to sit.   Luckily, I don't think I broke any of my aberrant ass bone.  On the upside, the areas we've cleared of deadfall look really nice. 

Speaking of deer, we counted 24 in the yard yesterday - all does and fawns.  With the four bucks who weren't present but we know are around here, that makes a herd of 28.  Gah.  We cannot afford to feed 28 deer more than a mouthful each twice a day.  But with the acorns being sparse this year, they're looking for food.  It's a quandary.  If they show up again today and the light is good, I'll try and get a picture.

There's also a large flock of crows partaking of our largesse.   If they get there before the deer do, they'll decimate the piles and the deer will have a sad.  Also a quandary.

Okay, I think that's it for me today.  What's on your this n that list today?


  1. I wouldn't worry too much about the impeachment. It'll never pass the Senate. That's the way it's always worked for the last two presidents.

    It's just another attempt by the Dems to waste time. Abuse of power? Look first at the House and Senate. They stay in office too long and they know all the ways to soak the public dry.

    If they want to sway my vote, they'd do a better job by voting to limit their pay raises and their reelections. That would get my attention.

    re: your fall
    Be careful with those logs. They're out to murder you every chance they get. Take a break and tackle them when they're not looking. Know that you'll get even when you roast them over a fire. :D Feel better soon.

    1. It wasn't the impeachment thing, Maria. I expected the House to pass that crap. It was something else. I probably shouldn't have followed the personal that with the political this.

      I took yesterday off log throwing and drowned worms instead. The log throwing probably would've been more productive since I knew the fish weren't going to be biting, but hey, a couple hours at the lake are always good.

  2. I haven't watched anything but local news in...forever. And I mute the sound whenever that situation is presented. I'm totally with you. Fair and non-partisan my Aunt Fanny. 'Nuff said.

    Have you considered hay for the deer? Not sure on cost comparision but the birds won't eat it. We had a bumper crop of acorns. Wish I could sweep them up and ship them to you.

    My feral cat population is fairly stabalized. I have 7 that hang close and 2 that show up sometimes. One of those 2 is Loki's dad. Or mom. Fur's too long to get a gander. Getting closer to "people-izing" them. I hope to trap them so they can be spayed/neutered and released. I don't mind feeding them but no more kittens.

    I have 7 chapters left to edit. I nope to get done today. Life keeps interferring. Best laid plans and all that...

    7 must be my lucky number this week. Or something.

    Baby, it's cold outside. The original. 'Nuff said. And it is. Cold. Outside.

    Okay. Time for my next cup of coffee, let the dogs back in, and get to work. Those chapters aren't going to edit themselves!

    1. Muting is probably wise. I haven't watched news in forever. Unfortunately, I still read the news online. Nothing is fair or legal about any of this. I'm waiting for someone to start arresting the lawbreakers, but I won't hold my breath.

      I hadn't thought of hay, but Hubs pointed out we're feeding a high-protein diet and unless it's alfalfa, it won't do that. :shrug: I wish you could ship me your acorns, too.

      Yay for your feral cats. I wish you could catch them, get them snipped, and maybe socialize a few for adoptions.

      Yay for getting editing knocked out. Boo for life interference!