Thursday, December 12, 2019

Thursday This n That

It seems like every Christmas, Dad would get Mom a box of chocolate covered cherries.  Naturally, because of this, I assumed they were Mom's favorite.  I would buy her them, too, on occasion.  Then several years after his passing, she told me that they were not, in fact, her favorites.  They were his favorites.  I assume he did this to get around being selfish and buying them for himself by buying them for her and then sneak eating her chocolates.  Don't do this.  If you love something, buy it for yourself.  Proudly.  Really, it's okay.

For the record, I love chocolate covered cherries.  They aren't my ultimate favorite, but they're right up there.  If I had to name a favorite chocolate to eat around the holidays it would be Belgian seashells.  Too bad I can't find them around here anymore and they're a bit pricey to order online and my ass definitely does not need a box of chocolates.

The Kid's Christmas box arrived at her home.  When I talked to her about it on messenger, she said something along the lines of  'and I may or may not already be wearing the pajamas... they're so soft'.  I haz a happy. 

I've been shifting books around again.  I'm running out of room.  I shifted some of my non-fiction around and commandeered a couple shelves there for literature.  Moved some literature - Hemingway, Faulkner, Fitzgerald - over there and then moved some books over into literature from my other shelves to make room.  That'll tide me over for a little while, but I really need to invest in new bookshelves.  And cobble out someplace to put more shelves. 

Once upon a time, I asked the manager of the closest thrift store if let me know if he ever got any bookshelves in because, while they always have scads of other furniture, they never have bookshelves.  He told me that as soon as he gets them in, they fly out the door.  I'd like to think it means people around here are reading.  They're probably using them for doodads, though. 

Have you seen the latest in decor?  People are putting books on their shelves with the spines turned toward the wall.  I assume this is so they can have continuity of color.  I think it's sick and wrong.  I mean, books can be used as decor, I guess, but with the spines turned out there's always a possibility they'll be read, too.  I shudder to think people might be buying old books that should be loved and treasured and then turning them to the wall and forgetting them.

I have some seriously old books.  There are a couple so old I'm afraid to touch them for fear they'll disintegrate.  Loved and treasured, but never opened again.  Which is kind of sad.

Okay, I think that's quite enough out of me this morning.  I'm starting to get weird.  Got any this n thats for me this morning?


  1. Your story about your dad gave me a chuckle...something my dad would have done!!
    Yes, spines in is just wrong! And the library here has started doing that with the hold shelf. I used to be able to go and find my holds based on the title...instead of trying to read the little strip of paper with my name on it sticking out of the book. Now, I have to squint to find my holds. Not sure if they think having the spines out infringes on people's privacy or not - I could care less what book you have on hold (and in fact, sometimes I find interesting titles I end up ordering from those shelves). Anyway - spines in - WRONG!!
    Easy bookshelves - cheap cinderblocks and wide plank boards - then they can be re-arranged, dismantled, and the cinderblocks make awesome 'stands' for plants either inside or out in the garden.
    And that's enough of me this morning ;)

  2. 🙋‍♀️ at Janet. LG bought me two boxes of chocolate covered cherries last year. One box is still sitting on the kitchen table (which is sort of a catch-all for stuffs). I don't hate them but...yuck. I think he finally ate one of the boxes. Anyway.

    Crates from the dollar store stack nicely for books. Since BiL rebuilt a client's office and we inherited five of the floor to ceiling bookshelves, I thought we were set by turning the dining room into the library. Yeah...those shelves are full and double stacked in some instances. Which is sad because most of my reading is now on audio and more seldom on digital but...BOOKS! Also, people who tear up books for decor/decorating/tchotckes are criminal. Just sayin'...

    I'm feeling very Grinchy this Christmas. Kinda makes me sad. But hey, somebody's got to do it, right?!?! 😉

    I finally have a cat who does cute things that would make him an Instagram star (if I posted regularly to Instagram) but he never does the cute stuff when I have my phone out and ready to shoot pictures or video and who has time to sit around wasting battery charge? Oh, wait...people who turn their pets into Instagram stars. 🤦‍♀️

    I want a headdesk emoji.

    Speaking of Loki, he just did a "kitty drive by." He sneaks under my desk and then leaps up to tap my right thigh and grab my right wrist as I'm typing. Then he zooms off if I reach down to pet him. Typical cat. 🙀

    And on that note, I need to finish off the internetz stuffs. I have to make a Wallyworld run today and I have a book to finish. I've almost hit 40K words which was my goal. I wouldn't mind getting it close to 50K. Then I need to hit the next project. Hard. And the one after that and so on. I WILL dig myself out of this hole of self-whatever is clogging my brain. And enough of that!


  3. Most really old books are sturdier than modern books. I have some 160 year old bound fashion magazines that I use for research, and they hold up just fine.

    Of course, I have paperbacks from the 1960s that fall apart if I look at them sideways. Sigh.

    Unless the pages are flaking or separating from the spine, your oldest books are probably fine for gentle reading.