Saturday, December 14, 2019

Saturday Reading Wrap-up - 12/14/19

This was a good week for reading, even if it was also a week for DNFs.

I picked up a few new ebooks this week and read one of them immediately (Bad Boy).  Another one is a book two I've been waiting for, so SQUEE.  I still have two books left from November - the technothriller and the SF.  Now I also have a cozy mystery, a historical romance, and a YA UF to read.  No new hardcopies.

Books read:

111) Black Candle by HP Bayne (12/12/19) - Paranormal Suspense*# - 4 stars.  New to me and underappreciated.  Free off the Freebooksy newsletter.
Review: "Excellent paranormal suspense. It's not often that the murdered help bring their own killers to justice. I guess they just need to contact the right person. In this case, that's Sullivan Gray. Anyway, it was a fun read with an interesting premise and likeable characters. Definitely glad I picked this one up."

110) The Body in the Library by Agatha Christie (12/10/19) - Mystery - 5 stars.  Umm, Agatha Christie.  I've had this one for a while.  Not sure where I got it or how much I paid.  It's just part of my collection.
No Review.

109) Bad Boy: Invertary #5  by Janet Elizabeth Henderson (12/9/19) - Romance* - 5 stars.  New to me and only kind of underappreciated (more than 50 reviews, but only slightly more).  Free off the Robin Reads newsletter.
Review: "This is the best romance I've read in months. Super sweet with laugh-out-loud funny bits and spicy bits and heart-tugging bits. I loved Abby, and Flynn as the hero in reform from his bad-boy status turned out to be perfect for her. I especially loved Katy. What a great ending, too! Brilliant all the way around."

108) Chancy by Louis L'Amour (12/7/19) - Western - 5 stars.  I'd never read any of L'Amour's westerns before, so kind of new to me, but not underappreciated.  Picked this up at the thrift store during an 8/$1 sale.
Review: "This was actually the first Louis L'Amour western I'd read. I can see why he's right up there with Zane Grey as the best of western fiction. Yep, it was the first, but it won't be the last."


While not necessarily DNFs, I spent a portion of Thursday taking books off my shelves, reading the blurb, and then putting them back.  Some of them, I'll read when I'm more in the mood.  Others are destined for the donation pile, but I'll probably give them another chance at a later date.

12/12/19 - a historical romance.  Part of that 8/$1 sale.  I tried.  Really I did.  The author came highly recommended, but I just couldn't get into it.

12/7/19 6:20am - romance.  Free.  Gah.  Another budding wordsmith.  Is this a new trend or did a just hit a couple of these in a row? 

12/7/19 6:15am - supernatural thriller.  Free.  Too much wordy, not enough thrilling.  Not everything needs to be described in detail.  And they'd just be getting into some thrilling when the wordy would start up again.  If they are not now a major character or going to be sometime in the near future, I do not need to know every little freaking thing about them.  And in purpley detail.  I love words as much as the next book junkie, but this author seemed to be in love with them in a stalkerish kind of way.

Currently reading... one of my Helen MacInnes paperbacks. 

What did you read this past week?

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  1. Sounds like you had the good, the bad, and the ugly. 🤣 Ok. I need more coffee. I actually have some new titles to report this week.

    I finished off the last 2 books in the Dixie Wardens series and 1 book in the next series by that author, KPD SWAT. All were 3 stars. They were relistens because nothing appealed.

    Then the JR Ward (neither unknown nor underappreciated) book I had on hold at the library dropped. WHERE WINTER FINDS YOU is a Christmas story and I was crying and smiling at the same time. Totally 5 stars.

    Moved onto a "freebie" from Audible. Each month, I can pick two free books to keep from their Audible Only/First collection they offer each month. I don't always grab one because even if a book is free, if I know I'll never read it, why bother? Anyway, I grabbed a full-cast version of PETER PAN which I'll get to, and a Christmas romance, THE CHRISTMAS PACT, by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward. They are not underappreciated but new to me. The meet cute was just that. Very short but very satisfying. Totally worth the 5 stars I gave it.

    Still sort of bored of my choices, I went looking through Audible Escape, the subscription service I have. I tumbled across VIKING WARRIOR RISING by Asa Maria Bradley. It made a big splash when it first released. A different take on Norse mythology with genetic testing, fated mates, and sexy Vikings and Valkyries. New to me author, not underappreciated, 4 stars.

    Upcoming is book 2 in the Viking series. Book 3 drops later this month. I'll check it out if it's free.

    Happy reading!