Thursday, October 31, 2019

Thursday This n That

I saw a commercial the other day for some kind of old people product wherein the lady laments that she's on a fixed income.  This phrase has irritated me since my long ago telephone fundraising days.  I mean, the majority of people have incomes that are fixed - as in they don't change from one paycheck to the next - so I've never been exactly sure why anyone thinks that's a thing to lament.  You know how much money you'll have, so you can budget accordingly.  You want to lament something?  Lament having a non-fixed income where you're not sure how much money you'll be getting and whether you'll have enough to pay bills when your next check drops.  Non-fixed income is why I have never been good at working on commission.  When I have to worry about making enough money to not eat dogfood, I get all tense and weird and can't sell shit.  And buyers can smell the desperation. 

For the record, working on royalties is like working on commission.  Except I'm worrying about where I'll come up with editing funds and not whether I'll be eating dogfood.  Hubs makes sure I don't have to eat dogfood.

Dogfood really should be one word.

Why are some things compound words and other things aren't?  Who makes the rules for that stuff?

Speaking of words, I refuse to put apostrophes in words that didn't use to have apostrophes.  Hallowe'en?  Oh, hell no.  Hawai'i?  Don't get me started. My blog editor is red-squiggling the hell out of those words with the apostrophes.

Oh, yeah, almost forgot.  Happy Halloween!

You know, I didn't really care who won the World Series.  I mean, I was leaning more toward Houston because of leftist DC, but I don't really like the Astros either.  Then the Nats fans had the gall to boo the President.  Then I was really rooting for the Astros. Not sure who won because I went to bed before the end of the final game.  :shrug:

When I'm out and about in the world, I literally don't notice anything about you - your skin color, your eye color, what you wear, tats, piercings, etc. - unless you give me a reason to notice you.  And usually the reason I notice you isn't a good one - you're loud, you're obnoxious, you're standing and talking in the middle of a grocery aisle leaving no room to pass on either side, your kids are running amok. I'd rather have good reasons to notice you - your cute and respectful children, a happy smile turned my way, a cheerful word - but it's your choice.  If you're old or look lost, I'll help you.  Unless you seem like a shit, then you're on your own.

Anyway, I think you've heard more than enough out of me.  What's the this-n-that for you today?


  1. I think fixed income refers specifically to pensioners.

    When I was working the 9-5 I had loads of disposable income. If I spent too much in one month I knew I could cover it because I was working continuously.

    Now, I draw from a pool of savings. Once that's gone, it's gone. I'm not replenishing it.

    I'm terrible about noticing things because I'm too absorbed in whatever task I'm doing. Unless my task is observing then I notice everything. LOL!

  2. Happy Halloween! When I was in grammar school that word did have an apostrophe. I think they dropped it during high school. Maybe Hallowe'en is considered retro?

    Today is dad-sitting day. And it's 30F out there! It will warm up to, oh, 35 by the time I have to leave. Shiver!

    I'm pathetically tunnel-visioned. Especially when I'm out with Mom. She takes all my concentration. LOL!

  3. Happy Halloween. No matter how it's spelled but silly people tryin' to complicate stuff...

    Inbetween should be one word too.

    Nationals won. And yeah, their fans mostly suck.

    Situational awareness. I haz it. I normally don't confront the stupid people because that usually means that the stupid just bleeds off and stains everything around it. I do mutter under my breath, though. A lot!

    How can tomorrow be November?!?!?!

    I 22 one-liners on my white board waiting for a spot in a future book.

    I have kitten paws sneaking up my leg. Loki wants attention but he doesn't want me to catch him. Silly cat.

    And that's my Thursday.