Tuesday, October 29, 2019

The Halloween Scrooge

Halloween is fast approaching.  Meh.

When I was younger, I did Halloween.  When the Kid was home and young enough to enjoy it, I did Halloween.  When we lived in town and there were children trick-or-treating all around, I did Halloween.  When I was still scarfing on the candy bars, I did Halloween - if only for myself.

Now, I'm no longer young, the Kid is an independent adult, and we live in a place with no children for the most part.  (One younger couple with one 6 year old and a baby do not make for a rush of kids at Halloween.)  I'm also done with the candy bar scarfing, so that pretty much means I don't do Halloween.

I don't even do scary movies.  Although this time of year, watching campy, non-scary, scary movies is kind of fun.  I watched Eight Legged Freaks and Lake Placid on Saturday.  I'm also into the Final Destination movies, which aren't scary to me.  I enjoy the suspense of how people are going to get killed.  If you've never seen them, pretty much everyone dies in one way or another and some of those deaths are pretty ingenious. 

Yep, I'm pretty much a Halloween Scrooge.  Bah Humbug. 

With my memories pretty much shot, I only remember one Halloweens from my childhood.  The one where they wouldn't give my older brother candy because the football team had already come through and wiped the town out.  I got one piece and my sister got one piece at only a couple of houses.  Bummer.  I remember a Halloween from when I was like 15 and shouldn't have been trick-or-treating anyway, but my friends and I got dressed up and wandered through a neighborhood in the dark.

When I was in college, I remember a party my friend threw.  I was a sexy modern-day vampire before those were cool.  (Pre Interview with a Vampire days.)  My friend walked around her house carrying a bowl of Cheerios and a knife.  (Cereal Killer... get it?) 

Between those years and the years when the Kid was old enough to enjoy Halloween, meh.  And since then?  Meh.

I don't have a problem with Halloween.  If you're into it, good on ya.  Go wild.  Have a blast.  I'll just be sitting here on another regular Thursday, reading and trying to decide if I'm really going to write a book starting the next day.

Do you still celebrate Halloween?  Are you taking a kid out or are you staying home to pass out treats?  What will you be giving away this year?  What's your favorite Halloween treat?  I used to really groove on the Snickers bars.


  1. I like Halloween. It's been decades since we celebrated though. When I lived in the suburbs I loved seeing the little kids and babies in their costumes. Parents really went all out. And then there was the terror of running out of candy too soon. LOL!

    Back in our 30s we used to throw a couple of Halloween parties which were always a blast. Our friends really surprised us with their creativity on costumes.

    Nowadays we watch Practical Magic, Coco, and Hocus Pocus, though Bette Midler has kind of soured us on it with her political opinions.

  2. Halloween used to be a big thing because Only was born the day before and she thought it was all about her. 🤣 We decorated inside and out, had costume parties on top of her birthday party. Of course, she's grown and does her own trick-r-treating with her kiddo. They live too far away for a quick drop--by on Halloween. We used to have kids in the neighborhood and did the treats, even though a lot of them were from the other side of the metroplex and they hit our area because they thought rich people lived here. Kids grow up, families move, we get old and crotchety. Last year, I bought a smaller bag and passed stuff out by the handfuls so we could turn out the lights and not answer the door, though the more persistent ring the doorbell anyway. Grrr. This year? Things are tight, all the kids have moved, I'm really old and crotchety so no candy, no lights, no decorations but for the wreath on the door and I may take it down and bring it in just so those persistent types don't get any ideas. So yeah, I'm a Halloween Grinch.

  3. I used to love Halloween. I'd even dress up and go to costume parties -- and I hate parties. If I didn't go out, I enjoyed the little kids' costumes.

    Here, I haven't had a kid show up in 16 years, haven't gone anywhere, and don't even want to. I'll stay home and curl up with a book. (Um, I do that every night. LOL!)