Sunday, October 13, 2019

Sunday Update - Week 41


It's early Sunday morning after I stayed up late watching the Yankees shut out the Astros and reading.  Yeah, staying up late is definitely not a guarantee I'm going to sleep in.  At all.

I wrote some this week.  It's gonna be a short story.  I know I don't do short stories, but this kind of hit me, so I started writing it.  We'll see how it goes.

No editing.  No marketing.

I read 4 books last week.  Yay.  And I picked up a paperback I purchased a couple months ago that I'm about halfway through as of last night.  Good stuff.  I hope the end doesn't disappoint.

No baking, but I bought a bag of Granny Smith apples.  I plan on making Romanian Apple Cake.  And maybe apple bread.  Or apple crisp.  Who knows.  I just feel like making stuff with apples.

Did 5 out of 7 days of activity.  Mostly walking again, and one uneventful fishing trip, but I also got some yardwork in yesterday.  Yay!  And I'm at 179.6 lbs, so I'm counting that as a win.

Yesterday.  It was finally cold enough to not have to worry about getting drilled by oak mites, so I went out with the idea of weeding the flower beds.  Problem with that is that the beds are now so full of leaves that weeding them would be antithetical to winterizing them, so I left the leaves and pulled the tall weeds.  I'll get the rest of the weeds in the spring.  The beds that don't accumulate leaves got weeded better.  Then I went into the woods.  Just to look around and take some measure of how much needs to be done this winter.  As I was walking the trails, I came across a problem - a vine that we'd cut off at its base year before last had finally decayed enough to drop out of the tree, right across one of our dogwoods.  Had the poor thing bent so the top was touching the ground.  I trudged back up the hill, grabbed the limb saw and went back to rescue the dogwood.  Fingers crossed it isn't too damaged.  After I did that, I finished my tour.  Loads of fresh deadfall to move once it gets cold and stays cold.  Yay. 

All the rain - we got four more inches this week - means the wet weather stream at the back of our property is running.  It's really pretty and peaceful down there right now with the stream gently burbling downhill toward the lake.

The vacant lot to the north got obliterated.  They had some guy come in and strip off the top layer of brush, then knock over some small trees.  Later, they had some other guy with a backhoe come in and dig and knock over more trees to make room for their house.  Of course, they're drawing a bit of attention from people in the nosy Nellies in the neighborhood who feel they need to add their two cents.  Bleh.  They're not bothering anyone and it's their land, so everyone needs to leave them alone.  We're really the only ones who'll be effected by this and we're fine with it.  Sheesh.  Yesterday the guy brought his little girl with him while he measured stuff - we think for the foundation - and it was nice watching her investigating rocks and exploring in all the dirt.  Reminded me of me.  Man, I'd give my eyeteeth to wander around in there, looking for cool rocks.  Lucky kid. 

A family member had minor surgery this week.  Made it through fine, last I heard.  I'll know more today or tomorrow, but I don't expect the outlook to change.

Other than that, it's pretty much business as usual here.  I need to make plans to go fishing now that the temps are dropping and the fish are biting.  What was on your plate last week?


  1. Stuff happened. And stuff didn't happen. My Cards are two games down. 😒 I had Stormy for two days. He spent a lot of time--despite cold temps--out in the yad with my magnifying glass finding stink bugs, rolypoly, and soldier bugs. Also a yellow jacket nest and spiders. Fun times.

    Saw a new kitten this morning. Black. Fiesty. But ran away before I could get out the door.

    Listening to old favorite books.

    No writing.

    Depression sucks.

    Life as usual. Time to face a new week.

    1. Yeah, the Cards aren't exactly proving they want to get to the World Series. Bummer. Yay for Stormy and his bug adventures! Aw, poor baby kitty. Yay for old favorite books! Yes, it does suck. :hugs: I hope your new week is going better than the last one.

  2. Woohoo! Bloglovin' finally let me into your blog. I'm beginning to wonder if I need to find a new blog reader.

    Oh, to be young enough that rocks are the most fascinating thing in the world! Nowadays I only think about rocks when I'm worried I'll trip over them. Makes me feel old.

    I'm on the forth round of making sure my illustrations are where I want them to be. Word has a tendency to make them wander if I don't pay attention. Plus I found a new trick to prettify the layout. But I need to stop fussing and get the silly thing done!

    1. Bummer about your blog reader not letting you into my blog. Not sure what was up with that. LOL, I'm still into rocks. This place is a wealth of interesting rocks - petrified wood and geodes (minor ones, not the spectacular ones) all over the place. Girl, you need to get out and do some young things. Go, hunt rocks.

      Sorry about your Word issues. Yay for finding a new trick, though! Get 'er done! You can do it!