Thursday, October 24, 2019

Thursday This n That

I spent most of yesterday doing spreadsheets, so I was kind of a toad.  I stopped for a while to take a walk.  Then I stopped for lunch and a nap.  Then I took a break to watch some of The Chase and do dinner.  I finished up after dinner.  It's days like that that show me what I could do writing-wise if I put my mind to it.  Of course, spreadsheets use an entirely different part of the brain, but it's the endurance I need to work on overall.

Yesterday, I was thinking about NaNo again.  I even went to the site and logged in a book called No Freakin' Clue.  LOL.  And then I looked at the last time I did NaNo.  It was kind of shocking. More about that tomorrow.

There's a dog at the animal rescue I really want.  His name is Theo and he looks like a super cool dog.  But right now, I've got all I can handle with Geriatric Cat.  I'll just settle for rooting for Theo to find a nice home.  It's what I do.

For some reason, the fish aren't biting.  The local reports are that fishing is slow.  Some dudes we talked to out at the lake said fishing was slow.  At least it's not just me.

The World Series is going on right now.  I predicted the Astros in 5, but since the Nationals took the first game, I'm glad I didn't actually put any money on that prediction.  As of typing this post so its ready for you now, the second game was tied 2-2.  Maybe the Nationals just want it more.  Since the Yankees aren't in it, I don't really care who wins.  (Update: The Nats won game 2, too.  Whomped 'em.  So much for me predicting the future.  Of course, if I could do that, I'd be rich.)

Still no eagle sightings.

Okay, time to get your day started.  Go have some coffee or something.  I know I will.  And leave a little this n that on your way.  ;o)


  1. I'm sort of rooting for the Astros. We don't really care but would like the series to go 7 games because we don't want baseball to be over. However, since the Nationals whomped up on my Cards and swept them in 4, I'm thinking this might be a short series.

    Cooler weather is supposed to help the at least the bass come closer to the surface. According to the fishing/hunting weather nerds on my local channel. They actually do a "basscast" on fishing conditions.

    It rained last night and this morning. Dark and gray and chilly outside. I need to work. I want to nap.

    Crossing fingers Theo finds his furever home.

    Does NaNo really start in a week? I announced my novel (the one that's supposed to be done by now and comes out in February 2020) so I'll be there. This will be my 14th straight year. Not writing much but I am doing some background work on the book. Writing a series with four other authors will be a challenge. Also, my hero is a silver fox (in his 50s), the heroine is in her 30s, and the main secondary character is attached to the Wolves. Not much Wolf action because the H/H are strictly human but a fun tie-in.

    Headspace sucks. I have a bunch of stuff I need to write, a bunch of stuff I want to write, and no get-up-and-gumption to strings words together into a cohesive story. I sound like a broken record in my own head. I know my friends are sick of me.

    Had 3 of the ferals (that I saw) sleeping in the kitty beds/cushions on the front porch. Considering the rain, not surprised. I think we lost one of the Balenese. He was beat up a few weeks ago but wouldn't let me get close enough to catch for the vet. I've only seen one after a couple of days. This gives me a sad. But what can you do? If they won't let you touch, you can't fix.

    I'm making chili for dinner tonight. No. Wait. It's a travel day. Okay, chili tomorrow night. Too bad I don't have the stuff for beef stew tonight and I've already spent the week's food budget.

    Ending on a happy note--new Live PD Cam and Live PD Wanted tonight followed by Live PD tomorrow night and Saturday. 😋

  2. I wish you could take Theo home with you, but I agree, Kira comes first.

    I dad-sat today. And (tried to) clean up Mom's old computers, since an electronics recycling day coming up. I think one is clean, but the other one won't boot up. I figure the data on it is probably shot. Plus I put yellow "paint" in her printer (she did remember to call it ink in the end).

    Churchill loves, Loves, LOVES Mariner's Catch wet cat food. Too bad I only got one can, but I'll get more next week.

    I got the dressmaking ebook fixed (thank you Kindle rep!) and I *hope* I need only one more pass through the paperback. Every time I think it's done, Word moves a line or an illustration in the PDF conversion, and that can mess up several pages. But this time the end really is in sight. Hooray!