Sunday, October 20, 2019

Sunday Update - Week 42

Wait.  It's Sunday?  How did that happen?  Wasn't it just Sunday a couple days ago?  Gah.

I didn't write, but I did do a lot of thinking about writing.  It was mostly trying to decide if I'm going to do NaNo, and if I do do NaNo, what book I'm going to write, and then trying to get out of my own way so the path is open to write.  It's all very crazypants.

I did some marketing for the Dennis Haggarty sale.  Sadly, nothing seems to be working this time around.  Not much I can do about that. 

I did some reading this week.

Managed to get 6 out of 7 active days this week.  Three of those days were fishing, three days were walking and one walking day I also cleaned.  I haven't weighed myself lately.

As for fishing, it's nice to be out at the lake, but the fishing has been thoroughly unproductive.  I mean, I didn't get skunked, but I also didn't catch anything large enough to bring home.  Almost caught a couple big ones, but almost doesn't put fish in the freezer.  I did catch the cutest little baby bass.  Swim away little fishy and get big so I can catch you later.

I made pork chops and scalloped potatoes.  I breaded the pork chops and pan seared them, then put them on top of the homemade scalloped potato layers in a casserole dish, pop the lid on and let it all bake for an hour.  Yesterday, I fried up some of the leftover potatoes to have with fried eggs for breakfast.  Last week, I also made pizza subs.  I took uncut sub rolls, sliced them partway through so they'd have a good bottom for the toppings to rest upon.  Slathered the insides with pizza sauce, sprinkled mozzarella, lay down sliced ham, pepperoni, more cheese, mushrooms, olive slices, more cheese.  I propped the subs upright in loaf pans and baked them at 375F for 15 minutes.  The rolls were crusty, the cheese was gooey and the toppings were yummy. 

The deer are doing their usual fall deer things.  The bucks are coming in and sniffing around the does, the does are separating themselves from the fawns.  Love will soon be in the air.  The buck fawns are getting their buttons.  We have 3 buck fawns I know of.  Two of them are twins.  This is the first set of male twins I've seen since we moved here.  Usually we get one girl, one boy, or two girls.  This is the last set of twins born this year and the last fawns to lose their spots, so they're pretty small compared to the others.  Awww.

Eagle watch 2019 has begun.  No sign of them yet.

The temps jumped up slightly, so no time in the woods.  They're predicting a warmer winter this year, so I'm not sure how much woods time I'll get this year.  We'll see.  I'm chomping at the bit to get in there.  There's so much to do.

And that's it for me this week.  What's up with you?

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  1. I'm mildly depressed. I busted my butt to get all the illustrations into the Kindle file, uploaded it, and... they're still blurry. Turns out Word compressed the htm file. Fixed that, uploaded, and... still blurry. So I put off my preorder for a month. But I have NO idea how to fix it. I'd try contacting Kindle, but can't find the contact page. I guess that's the mission for today.

    I'm irritated because I didn't have to jump through all these hoops for my other dressmaking books. :-(

    However, we're having lovely fall weather, and I took a nice walk this morning. The snakes are enjoying it, too. Three have slithered their way out of my path in the last week. I like snakes -- from a distance. ;-)