Thursday, October 10, 2019

Thursday This n That

I keep thinking today is somebody important's birthday, but I've gone through everyone I care about and it's not any of them.  Might be that I'm confusing 10/10 for 10:10 which is my birth time.  Yes, I acknowledge my birth time.  If I happen to look at the clock at 10:10, I sing 'Happy Birthtime to Me'.  Yeah, I'm weird.  Are you surprised?

October is actually a busy month for birthdays and stuff.  Two nephews, a sister, an anniversary, and two brothers-in-law.  Plus, Halloween, which we don't even celebrate anymore.

Halloween is kind of boring when you don't have any kids at home and no kids in the neighborhood, and you're forgoing candy (for the most part).  I used to buy a lot of candy and then eat most of it before Halloween and then have to buy more for trick-or-treaters.  Now?  Not bag one.  Except Hubs' mini-Snickers and my bag of dark chocolate peanut M&Ms.  Can't forego candy entirely.  Sheesh.

I used to love the movie Hocus Pocus.  Looked forward to watching it every fall.  Then Bette Midler lost her everlovin' mind.  Now I can't watch it.  She ruined it for me.  Of course, if I had a nickel for every movie and TV show that is now ruined by some actor's off-screen behavior, I'd be able to buy enough books to never have to be sad about lost entertainment again.

I keep getting reminders from Amazon to review books I didn't like.  There's a reason I never reviewed it, guys.

Well, they're finally starting to work on the wooded lot to our north.  I guess we never expected it to be vacant forever.  A young couple has owned it all along, and now they're going to be building themselves a house.  Today, someone was over there with a skidsteer(?) scraping the weeds and scrub away and knocking over small trees to clear a space for their home.  The deer are a little freaked, but after the machine went away, the herd wandered around the dirt spot, investigating, so I guess they'll get over the change.

I suppose I should let y'all get back to your mornings now.  Have a great day. 


  1. How can it be Thursday already?!?!?!

    The cold front is coming through. We hit the high for the day at about 8 a.m. HVAC guy was here finishing work on the unit. We now have heat but evidently the thermostat is now messed up. We're on Smart Hours with OG&E so it's their thermostat. I'll have to call them to come replace it, though I'm giving the unit time to set and reset now that the work guys are gone.

    Stormy is here today and tomorrow for school break. Yippee. I did get a cute pic of him and Loki. I'll get around to downloading it to the computer and getting it on FB at some point.

    My Cards. I have no words. And the Nationals. Crazy post season. At least Cards have home field advantage tomorrow night for the NLDS.

    Writing? Pfffft.

    One of the ferals got beat up in a fight. I don't have the $$ for a vet run even if I could catch it. It was on the front porch meowing piteously but freaked when I tried to approach closer than about 2 feet. Last time I looked out the window, it had moved off. That's a good thing.

    Did I mention Stormy is here today and tomorrow?

    That's about it for me. We have to make a Wallyworld run and then lunch. Luckily, Stormy's dad is coming sometime after 3:30 to pick him up today. Tomorrow, I get him until after his mom gets off. Yippee.

    Later, tater!

  2. I used to LOVE Halloween. Now it gets a wistful sigh. But I still put out my collection of skeletons and admire them all month.

    Who's weird? Not us!

    It's supposed to drop 40+ degrees between noon today and dawn tomorrow. I want cooler temps than the 90s we've been having, but mid-40s is going to take some adjusting to. Not that I'm complaining!

    Kindle's paperback cover creator is on my bad list. Next time you decide to make your own cover, leave lots of time to tinker with it. Soooo not intuitive! But Help did get back to me in a reasonable amount of time, even if the first one misread my email. I *think* my cover is fixed now. (Crosses fingers) I'm still fixing wandering pictures inside, though. Then I get to finish re-uploading all the ebook illustrations.

    Step by step, right? :-)