Thursday, August 22, 2019

Thursday This n That

I don't have a smartphone, I have a dumbphone.  I've had it for like 10 years.  It doesn't do apps.  It doesn't need wallpaper.  It doesn't have a camera.  I could text with it, but what a pain in the ass.  Once, I tried to use it to access the internet.  It did not go well.  I pay $19.99 for three months worth of service.  It makes phone calls.  And it's for emergencies - like when my car battery dies while I'm out at the lake, or when I forget the grocery list, or when I witness something I might need to let the police know about.  Or if something happens that someone might need to let me know about when I am not at home.  I also use it when the landline is out, but I have to walk out to the road because the signal in the house sucks.

Sometimes when the world gets particularly heinous, I go to Pinterest and look at the pretty pictures I've pinned.  So there's that.

Last night, I had thought about going fishing this morning, but it's all weathery out there with more weathery stuff throughout the morning.  Rolling boomers in the sky.  Don't need to go fishing bad enough to risk getting zapped.

Isn't the English language an awesome thing?  I write 'weathery' and even though it's not a word, you know exactly what I mean.  Same thing with writerly.  And who hasn't heard a book described as 'unputdownable'?  With English, you can throw parts of words together and make a new word that other English speakers can still understand. 

I need to clean the coffee maker.  It's been getting progressively slower and this morning it's spitting and sputtering like the percussion section of a spastic symphony.  I do not need it to die right now.  Time to run vinegar through it again.  But first, time to drink more of its awesome elixir.

The other day, I did my weekly Wallyworld trip and wouldn't you know it, I forgot to buy a beverage for the trip home.  It's too hot to drive without a beverage, so I stopped at the feed store - cuz even though I didn't need feed, they carry a limited selection of beverages.  I got Orange Crush.  Anyway, while I was there, my favorite in-person reader friend (FIPRF) was training a new cashier and while the new gal was ringing me up, my friend nods at me and says "She's a writer, you know.  You've probably read some of her books."  At which point, I about fell over laughing.  The new girl was thoroughly confused, but we explained it all and I gave her some swag.  Maybe I'll have a new reader soon.  FIPRF really does try to generate new readers for me when she gets a chance.  She's awesome.

And that it for me today.  What's the this n that skinny for you today?

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  1. Speaking of the skinny, I'm still under 200 so there's that.

    All Nightriders books uploaded and slowly going live in wide distribution. Time to get back in the saddle and start/finish other projects.

    I need to figure out a way to recover my faux-leather desk chair. It's so old the seat is peeling but it's still comfy, so there's that too.

    Hopefully, we'll get some of those rolling thunder boomers here today. There's a possibility. I'm soooo ready for fall.

    Ghost Hunters is back. New team. New tech. It was fun.

    Aaanndddd...I got nuttin' honey. Been a slow week for anything except writerly stuffs of the boring kind.