Sunday, August 4, 2019

Sunday Update - Week 31

Well, here we are again...

I let my motivation train get derailed with that idea that there are books coming out that may be similar to mine.  And then I ran across two more books with similar premises.  And then... Well, I can't change the fact that Oliver* is a cat, it's on the cover and the plot doesn't work if he's any other animal, so I'm kind of stuck.  I mean, there's something about Oliver that is probably a little different from the others - I haven't read any of them so I don't know - but on the face, it all looks very much like every other paranormal mystery with a cat.  And it's derailing me.  So, I guess what I'm saying is no new words this week.

And no editing.  Unless you count my frantic brain gyrations as I try to see if any Oliver works as any other animal.

I started the week doing a bunch of marketing, but then the sale ended and I haven't done anything.  Well, except applying to ENT for an ad.  I'll know by sometime next week whether I got a date and an ad or got rejected.

Did some reading.  DNF'd one and finished two.  And I finished one book and read an entire 'nother book yesterday.  I'll talk about those next Saturday.

On the activity front, I did 4 out of 7 days.  One of those days was bathing the cat, which knocked me out of commission for a couple days.  Last night, I walked 1.6 miles in 30 minutes - my best time/length to date.  As for weight?  Well, I saw 178 this week, but then it went back to 179.

Which brings me to baking...  Still munching on those muffins and granola bars, but we ran out of oatmeal cookies so I made more yesterday.  And I made French bread pizza.  And did I mention I bought double chocolate ice cream?  Umm, yeah.  Doing great on the activity front, totally not on the eating front.

I may have mentioned constipated kitty.  The fiber seems to be working.  Like a quarter teaspoon sprinkled in her wet food once a day.

I think that's it.  Since I'm writing this Saturday night and I just got done walking, I'm going to go collapse for a while.  What things were you up to last week?

*Saw a book after this went live with a dog named Oliver.  It was a cozy mystery, but still... Blerg.  I swear to god, I'm going to rename him Itzhak and make him Jewish.  Or maybe he'll be Pierre, but I'll make him Cajun.  What's a gal gotta do to have something original, for petesakes?  Wait.  I have an idea...  Good thing I haven't sent UatB through the publishing mill and I still have time to change him.


  1. Name him Mischa and make him Russian? Or Darby and make him Irish? Personally, I like the idea of a snarky Jewish mother of a cat so maybe give Oliver a sex change and name her Golda?

    I finished Cooper's story. It's got holes. And many typos. I'm working on that this afternoon and tomorrow. Then I've got to get the Nightrider books ready for wide release. Then I need to finish three books before the end of November. *sigh*

    You'll get the book done one way or another and congrats on walkign and weight. I'm staying under 200. Barely, but under. Okay. Gotta get off the net and get back to work.

    Hang in there! (Oh, and thanks for the audiobook recommendation. I found the first in a series at the library. The book budget is stretched thin at the moment. 😟

  2. Don't overthink it. There are thousands of magical cats in print; Oliver (or Golda or Sean the leprechaun-cat)has his own personality. That's all your readers are looking for. Or rather, all we want is a good story!

    Chin up, butt in chair, fingers flying. You can rename him later, if you decide you want to. :-)

    I'm still plugging away in 1869. But the end is in sight!