Sunday, August 18, 2019

Sunday Update - I'm Too Lazy to Look Up The Week #

Most of the week here was spent 1) finding fleas on Kira, 2) ordering stuff to take care of said fleas, 3) waiting stuff to arrive, 4) worrying about it all... then, 5) picking up stuff, 6) applying stuff, 7) deep cleaning the house, and 8) feeling the ill effects of deep cleaning the house.

Yeah, I didn't get any work done again.

I did read a couple books.

No fishing.

No baking.

I did active things 5 out of 7 days - three days walking, two days cleaning.  I have not weighed myself lately.

After yesterday's cleaning, I did make a vat of chili.  This time I substituted black beans for pinto.  Turned out really yummy.

Then I sat in my chair and ached. 

Aleve is my friend.

I wish I had more to talk about with regards to writing, which is why you're here, right?  But like the book title goes... wish in one hand...

What went on in your worlds last week?


  1. had a week, didn't you? Sorry about the no fishing. Between rain and heat, I don't blame you. I had a week too. Sort of.

    I thought I'd finishd updating the series I'm taking wide, then discovered I hadn't actually finished the first book. That's now done and uploads will commence shortly, then formatting for print.

    Loki has finally learned to consistently use the litter box. Adidas has forgotten how. Considering she's almost 18, I'll let her slide. That's what puppy pads are for.

    Mother nature is being a witch. She teases us with thunder but no rain.

    It's freaking hot.

    Did I mention I fianlly have hummingbirds? I've seen two at the same time, so at least two. Not sure if they are the same birds when I get singletons or a whole flock just coming one at a time. Still, makes me happy when I catch their movement out of the corner of my eye and I look up to see them at the feeder outside my window.

    I just started an audio book that has all the hype. So far, I'm sort of yawny about it. Might be because I started it fairly late last night. We'll see today when I get back into after finishing writing tasks.

    Live PD. Lots of Oklahoma action, including that idiot who claimed that four guys tried to rob him and were driving a black SUV EXACTLY LIKE THE OHP VEHICLE CHASING HIM WITH LIGHTS AND SIRENS!!!! 🤯 (<-- exploding head emoji) He crashed out in an intersection that I travel through every time I need groceries or Starbucks. One of these days, I'm sure I'll be one of those rubberneckers driving by a scene. 🤣

    Okay. Time for a fresh cup of coffee and updating/uploading. Later tater.

  2. Hugs to Kira. Churchill has been throwing up his dinner. I'm not alarmed -- yet -- but I'm getting concerned.

    Aleve is my friend, too.

    Only 12 illustrations to clean up before I finish the first draft of the dressmaking book -- Yay! Um, not yet, considering each one takes at least an hour. Too much background garbage to clean up.
    I went searching for more 1862 sources and remembered why it's so spare. I can't find anything more! Soooo, one step closer to finishing up. :-)