Thursday, August 1, 2019

Thursday This n That

Waking up early sucks.  I always get my morning online things done by like 6, and then I feel the need to do stuff, but it's too damn early to do stuff, so I sit here drinking coffee and feeling at a loss.  And there are only so many things I can pin on Pinterest.  But who wants to start cleaning at 6am?  And it's not like I can go for a walk, because it's still dark out.  I could organize files, but meh.  I'd do spreadsheets but those are all done for now.  Gah.  (Yes, this paragraph was written yesterday morning at 6am when I'd already been up for 2 hours.)

So now it's actually Thursday morning.  Woke up at 5 instead of 4, which is the time I actually get up.  And here's this post I never finished...  There still isn't enough coffee in the world for me.  Gah.

Ack, it's August.  I need to get the Kid's birthday card in the mail.  How did I get old enough to have a 26 yr old Kid?  Doesn't seem possible.

So, I was telling an in-person friend of mine that I joined Pinterest.  She was very excited.  Seems like it's her crack.  It is very addictive.

I'm trying putting fiber in Kira's diet to overcome 'constipated kitty'.  So far, it's working.  Walmart brand equivalent to Benefiber.  It's tasteless and odorless, so she doesn't even know it's in her food.  We never imagined we'd ever spend so much time thinking about how much a cat poops. It's an exciting life we lead here at Sanderson Acres.

This morning I saw a shared meme wherein there was a prominent female politician in a very angry photo with the caption 'Hillary 2.0'.  The original person posting it said something about her obnoxious voice.  But in the comments, women were going off on how horrible it is that people focus more on looks for women than they do for men.  I couldn't figure out what the hell they were referring to.  Seems to me that right there and right then, the only people focused on her looks were the women commenting.  Maybe I missed some inside thing from a previous FB post. 

Speaking of obnoxious voices, have you heard O-crazio?  I caught part of a video of some hearing the other day where she was talking.  OMG.  Nails on a chalkboard.  'Put hot wax in my ears so I don't have to listen anymore' horrible.  Maybe that's the secret to her success - people are so distracted by her voice that they can't actually listen to what she's saying.

I'm kind of full of beans this morning - and not the good, java-bearing variety.  Not yet anyway.  It's early.

Wow, I think it stopped raining.  We've been getting totally splooshed this morning.  Must be a break in the precipitation because I know it's not supposed to stop for a while yet.

And on that note, I'll let you go.  Have an awesome day out there wherever you are.


  1. I was up reading until almost 2 this morning so slept in until almost 8. A pleasant surprise since I'm normally awake at 5. Because...reasons. There's NEVER enough coffee in the world. Ah...politics. It's the crazy season.

    Speakng of, we have new neighbors but haven't met them yet. Still, I had a crazysauce dream about LG mowing their yard at like 3 a.m. LG hasn't mowed a yard in like 5 years, much less at oh-dark o'clock.

    Loki like early mornings. He zooms around and wants someone to play with him.

    I finished a chapter yesterday that's been bugging me. Now I need to rewrite the beginning of the next chapter (already written but timeline/circumstances changed with the writing of the previous chapter), then the last chapter and epilogue. Soooo ready to end this sucker.

    Adidas isn't doing well again. I hope it will pass. She's back to having trouble walking and likes to hide in the shower. When we forget to look, she's one unhappy kitty.

    Jake has taken over the twin bed in the guest room. I guess that means I can move his doggy bed out of the dining room. He gets a bath today. So does Boone if I can catch him. First, though, gotta get words written.

    I'm still trying to get back into the swim of normal life. The older I get, the more "recovery" time it takes after a trip. I'm sure happy to be back in my bed with my pillows, though.

    And that's it for me. Late start this morning. Gotta get on things!

  2. Today is dad-sitting day. Such is my life.

    I need more coffee. And I don't even keep coffee in the house anymore.

    Wishing you many words today!