Thursday, March 7, 2019

Thursday This n That

Clock changing time again this Sunday.  Yeah, it's stupid.  Yeah, it's pointless.  But hey, it's our governmental geniuses at work.  The smart President hoping for re-election would win in a landslide if he used one of his executive orders to do away with the time changing travesty once and for all.

I watch so many real life cop shows.  I can automatically tell when people on those are lying or fake crying or faking injuries.  Or faking that they can't understand English.  It's sad how many people out there are bald-faced liars.  Does give me a lot of fodder for writing, though.

Speaking of which, Natural Causes is on sale, in case you missed any of the many places I notified people about it.

I love how all the commercials say that shipping is free.  Sure, it's free.  If you spend more than like $50.  Do you know how much cat food I'd have to order to reach $50?  I guess I could order food and litter and maybe find some other stuff, but I'd be like a freakin' prepper in here.  There's only so much space available for all that stuff.

I saw my best in-person fan the other day.  She's the cashier at my feed store. It had been long enough that we were talking and joking and laughing for like ever when another customer got in line behind me and I hadn't even given her my feed order yet.  I offered to let him go in front of me, but he was cool.  So, I finally finished up and went out to let the guys load my order.  While I was waiting, the other customer came out to get his feed loaded.  He looks at me and says "She told me you were an author."  I love her so much for doing that.  So, I talked with him a bit and then gave him one of my marketing materials - the postcard with my first 12 books.  Turns out his wife has always wanted to write a book but has never had the time.  I hope she gives it a try and finds she really does have the time to reach her dream.

I really need some new marketing materials, but I am so full-up with older stuff, I'm running out of space to put everything.  And I can't bear to throw anything out, so don't even suggest that.

What's on your this n that list today?


  1. I hate time change. I've even gone so far as to email my senators and representative. She's a Dem, though, and I'm pissed at her. She promised to represent her constiuents. Problem is, we're 75% Repub or Independent. She got elected because the guy before her was a do-nothing. She's voted straight party on everything. She won't be reelected. I even tweeted the Prez about it. Obviously didn't get a tweet back, but hey! Nothing ventured nothing gained. I hate DST. And politicians.

    The sun is shining and the temps are warming up. I might even get daffodil/jonquil blooms eventually. Didn't have one on my birthday this year. :*( First time in ages. Too cold. The buds stuck their noses out, hit single-digit temps and said a collective, "NOPE!"

    I want to create a Live PD drinking game. "Not my pants!" Take a drink. "I swear on my momma's grave!" Chug a drink. Riding "dirty" with defective equipment on vehicle - go open another six pack. LOLOL

    I think I've figure out how to start writing the WIP That Shall Not Be Named. I need to get totally PO'd and transfer that anger to both H/h. I swear I have 20+ rewrites of the dang first chapter.

    Is it nap time yet?

    And that's my list. Plus, more coffee.

  2. Time change. Ick. Such a waste of energy readjusting.

    Speaking of energy, I have none. Running on fumes. Sigh.

    But it's dad-sitting day, so I don't need brains or energy. In an hour, I'll go veg and watch cartoons all afternoon. I can't decide whether to laugh or sigh.