Thursday, March 28, 2019

Thursday This n That

I'm too old for dissenting opinions.  I mean, people can certainly have them, but I'm tired of looking at / hearing them.  Scrolling down the FB feed, I hide them and block them.  I spent a lot of time in my younger years having debates and poking people with pointy sticks to try and make them see things my way or to try and see things their way.  I'm so over it.  Meh.

The other day I was talking with a younger friend of mine about dating and relationships.  She told me that some numbnuts told her (an unsolicited opinion, btw) the reason she didn't have a boyfriend was that she was too lazy to look for one.  :eyeroll:  Fortunately, my friend's with me - it's better to be alone than be with the wrong person.  I spent enough years with the wrong people to have learned that one the hard way, lemme tell ya.  Lucky for me, I've been with the right one for almost 15 years now.  My friend wants what we have and she's not settling for anything less.  Go her.

Yesterday, the whole area filled up with smoke.  Again.  This time we didn't bother blaming the neighbors. (Tons of them regularly burn leaves and/or trash.)  It was obviously not from around here.  Sure enough, it was out-of-state smoke.  Two controlled burns in AR.  It's like an annual Spring thing.  They burn down there, it gets smoky up here.  I joked with Hubs we could probably hang strips of salmon on the porch and they'd be smoked by morning.

It's time to spray for ticks again.  While the spray we use doesn't kill snakes, it does make them feel weird, so they avoid it.  Win-win.  Particularly good since we had what I believe was a smallish cottonmouth (as in not huge, but still probably over two-foot long) on the deck earlier in the week.  He'd seen it the day before, poking its head out from a hole in the wood siding, and the next day it came out to sun itself on the deck.  We weren't sure what kind of snake it was, not until it started to strike at us with its white mouth open.  We kept it from going back in the hole and Hubs has since stuffed the hole with steel wool.  Unfortunately, this means no more woods time for me until fall.  =o(

I've started watching a couple game shows - America Says and Common Knowledge.  They're a hoot.  If you get the Game Show Network, they start at 4pm Central and run 'til 5.  It's a nice break from the bullshit.

Speaking of hoots, I watched a video yesterday of a dad trying to get his toddler to try ketchup on her fries.  When she solemnly shook her head no, like the thought of anything on her sacred fries was disgusting, I about fell apart.  "Try it.  It'll change your life," he says.  ROFL.  She finally tries it and she has such a look of utter contentment.  Ketchup on fries... it's deep and it's real.

Sometimes the only thing keeping me from going all apeshit on the world is funny videos of puppies, kitties, and kids.

What say you this week?

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  1. I am so sick of the world and those that declare only their views matter and anyone with a different opinion is a **INSERT FOUL NAME or DEROGATORY TERM HERE**. I'm thiissss* close to walking away from an organziation that has played a big part of my writing life and career. But opinions don't matter so...whatever.

    I'm surprised the cottonmouth was so far from the water but so glad you got the hole plugged. The good news is, they "hatch" live young then abandon them, but that's usually in August/September. So... Snakey "fun" fact for the day.

    We know have 3 feral kittens: the larger black (with a tiny white spot on its chest), a "mucklety" (shades of black/dark brown) that I thought was the runt but now is the middle, and a little gray kitten. They might not all be from the same litter. I want them all. Also, two Balinese cats have shown up. They are GORGEOUS but don't appear to be domesticated. Add in the giant tiger stripe, little black mama, and the two fluffy blacks, and the orange and white, I've got quite a colony going. They come from different places, though, and not all of them get along but hey...they don't go hungry. LOL

    I think I finally broke the bad karma writing mojo block. We'll see. I do have new words to show so that's a plus.

    And speaking of videos, I woke up to this one this morning. I hope you get a giggle out of it. Because...What the hey?!?! (Students at Lawrence College in Wisconsin. I think.)

    New Live PD tomorrow night! Opening Day today! (Cards play at 1 p.m.--against the Brewers. :/ And that's all I got to say this week. Later, gator!