Sunday, March 31, 2019

Sunday Update - Week 13

Hello again.  Fancy meeting you here.  Grab some coffee and pull up a chair.

Once again, no writing or editing was accomplished.

I did a bunch of marketing, but the results were piddlin'.  Still, this was a better March than last year, so I'm counting that as a win.

I read some, but not nearly as much as one would assume considering how little of anything else I did.

As for activity, I did something 5 out of 7 days - cleaning, fishing, gardening, walking.  But I've been eating like a cow, so I'm not stepping on the scale.  Doughnuts AND fried chicken last week.  We took a kind of long walk (for me) on Friday.  Man, am I out of shape.  Ugh.  I really need to get back to where I was last fall when I was walking 4-5 times a week.  And I need to restart the dance-exercise thingie.  One good thing that happened is I actually wore one of the smaller sports bras I bought last month and it didn't strangle my ribs.  Yay.

As for gardening, I got some pleasant surprises last week.  First, my anemones are blooming.  I thought the bulbs were DOA, but then some of them started to get leaves.  This year, I have blooms, too.  Yay.  Then I saw that the lilies the deer ate last year are all coming up.  Double yay.  And my pathetic Charlie Brown hydrangea is coming up.  Three out of four columbines came back.  And the peonies look amazing.  But I think my one hardy mum plant that I've had since the first fall we were here is giving up on me.  My fall replanting of the irises seems to have worked out well, though.  They're real troopers.  Oh, and my lilac is full of little leaves and tiny flower bud clusters are visible.  Yay.

Went fishing twice last week.  Caught a few little bluegills.  Nothing major.  But it's always nice to be at the lake.

Hit the St. Vinny's to drop off a box of books and CDs I no longer wanted.  While I was there, I picked up a bunch of books - mostly Agatha Christie.  Score.

Speaking of books, a while back I read and reviewed a book I'd really enjoyed with total lamentation that no others books were out yet.  Yesterday, the author contacted me to let me know Book 2 was releasing that evening, so I told him to send me a link when it was live.  He did and I one-clicked it.   Cannot wait to read it.

I've had a real urge to cook lately.  Must be the cooler temperatures or something.  Last week, I made a batch of cake cookies and a batch of big, buttery biscuits.  I also did a meatloaf and a BBQ pork roast.   Today or tomorrow, we're doing leftover day.  LOL

And that's about it for me. What was going on in your world last week?  Looking forward to anything this week?


  1. There was a week. I listened to a lot of books, muttering under my breath about many of them for...reasons. I wrote. RDR#9 is approved for more words. Those will be forthcoming this week.

    The weather was schizo and I want warm weather. I had daffodils, finally. I'm worried the freezes will hamper any other blooming. I haven't looked at my peony or the wisteria. Last year, the late freezes took out all the blooms on the wisteria. Then wind and storms caused some problems with the main trunks. I'll see what happens this spring. Afraid the freeze (and the thick layer of leaves) might keep the bluebells from blooming. Wait see.

    The new yard crew is awesome. They de-bermuderized the center island and trimmed back the massive holly bushes. AND got all the leaves. Yay.

    BASEBALL! I know I need say nothing more.

    LIVE PD! Again, don't need to say much except Oklahoma is really boring. LOLOLOLOL

    And that was pretty much my week. New month, new week. We'll see what the future brings. Have a good one!

  2. Yay for more sales than last March! Double yay for getting outdoors! There are so many days when I wouldn't stick my nose outside at all if Mom didn't go walking with me. Last couple of days we've both whined about the cold. I'm so ready for warm weather -- but NOT for summer. LOL!

    I love your garden reports. They give me hope. The crepe myrtles are leafing out. My magnolia bloomed a few days ago, but I've been afraid (and too cold) to go check and see if the flowers survived the hard winds.

    And, as always, the dressmaking book is hobbling along. :-)