Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Reviewer's Guilt

Sometimes I can go weeks without getting any new books.  Lately, though, I've been one-clicking a lot and that's a bad thing.  And my inbox is filled with Amazon emails of unread books*.  And it's making me kind of antsy.

Now, some of you will laugh.  Why?  Because I have a grand total of eleven unread ebooks on my Kindle (recent downloads - we won't talk about older downloads that will probably never get read.)  In the scheme of things, eleven isn't really such a big number.  I'm sure there are people out there with hundreds of unread books on their Kindles, and they're downloading more every day.  But numbers like that defeats my purpose.

What's the purpose?  Well, I'm trying to snag new-to-me underappreciated books, read them, and review them to kind of help out the authors.  And when I take forever to read a book, then it takes forever for those reviews to show up.  Every review helps an author (despite what I said yesterday), but I think it might be a 'the sooner the better' kind of thing - especially when it's a new release. 

Sure, my downloading the book helped its ranking at the time.  So, there's that.  I certainly hope my reviews are helping, too. 

Okay, so I'm not the best reviewer.  I wish I wrote better reviews - full of specifics about the story and about my personal reactions to the story.  Sometimes, though, the best I can manage is 'cute story' or 'squee, I loved this so much'.  At least the majority of my Amazon reviews say 'verified' - certainly all the ebook reviews do since I only get ebooks from Amazon.  And nobody's paid me to download their books and write reviews. 

Anyway, having all these books to read and not reading them very fast is certainly a quandary for me.  I promise to get to them as soon as I can.  And I'm trying to read them in the order I downloaded them, so people don't have to wait any longer than necessary for reviews.  (Not that any of these authors are actually waiting on me.  Except in the grander scheme where they know they sold a book and might be wondering 'what the hell is taking so long?')

I guess I could call this 'reviewer's guilt'.  :shrug:  Maybe it's just me.  Anyone else feel this way?  How bad is your TBR pile?  Did you laugh at me and my piddlin' 11 books?

*I keep the Amazon email in my inbox until I've started the book, so I can keep track of them.  Otherwise, I might have ordered a book that never made it to my Kindle - it's happened before - and I'd never remember to go looking for it.

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  1. I mostly don't review on Amazon...but then I don't normally read underappreciated and I probably should because so many of us are. I do review on Goodreads--at least a rating, for every book I read. That's partly to keep track, partly to meet my reading challenge. Despite what I said yesterday. LOL

    Speaking of, I read a SciFi Romance you might enjoy (if you skim over the sexy bits). It's called "Wretched" by Cara Carson. I need to give you a year's subscription to Kindle Unlimited when I sign a big contract with a big bonus. LOL *ducks and runs*