Thursday, August 2, 2018

Thursday This n That

I wrote an extremely long rant yesterday for today's this n that.  Then I deleted it.  You're welcome.

And yeah, I kind of hate it when people say 'you're welcome' before I've had a chance to say 'thank you', too.  I did it above because trust me, you're grateful I didn't post that rant.  And if you aren't, you should be.  It was pages and pages of Ranty McRanterson.

The sum of the deleted rant: I hate doctors.  So much.

And road construction.


Our two fawns are doing well and visiting the yard regularly now.  So cute.

By my estimation, I've lost 12-14 pounds since May of last year. 

Baby pileated woodpeckers are so awesome.  Speaking of pileated woodpeckers, we sat and watched one tearing apart an old cedar log I've been using as a border.  It's cool, though.  Wreck it all you want, Wild Thing.  Wood chips were flying everywhere!  Too cool.

Every morning when I start out on my walk, I smell the most wonderful floral scent.  But nothing smelliful is blooming around the house right now.  When I leave the area, it disappears, so I know it has to be around here somewhere.  :shrug:  Whatever it is, I love it.

First thing in the morning around here, we get the most intricate and amazing spider webs.  You can see them really well in the first rays of sun.  A couple feet in diameter of the classic, round web designs.  Unfortunately, you can't see them in the shade which is why I frequently walk into them when I'm doing my morning walk.  Bleh.

Okay, that's it for me right now.  Any this n that for you today?


  1. I walk into those webs at night when I have to take Scairdy Dog out to pee. Stupid critter. Won't go out at night even with his "big" bro along. Like anything in the yard could take out TWO dogs weighing a combined 275 pounds.

    My hummingbird has been busy. I see her/him/them far more frequently since I got back from Denver. I wonder if it's the cooler temps.

    I got almost 4K words written yesterday. If I can do that today, I'm done.

    Got a weird thing in the mailbox. A pink slip. Said it was a "mail watch" notice. But it didn't have my address on it. Had one down the street. I'm thinking it wasn't supposed to be delivered? Anyway, next time I'm out and about, I'll drop it by the post office and ask, WTF?

    My brain is running on Squirrel Power* this week. This is not a good thing.

    I hate having to "read" a book these days. It means I have to put it down and stop reading when I have other things to do. With an audio book, I can just keep on truckin'.

    Okay. No more procrastination. This dang book ain't gonna finish itself. I have the big fight scene to right today. Then my MCs need to make love not war. ;) '

    Later, gator.

    *Why yes, I am easily distracted. Why do you--"SQUIRREL!"

  2. I like my doctor, but doctor bills? Not. So I go as rarely as possible. I even talked my RA doctor into seeing me once a year, instead of the four times she wanted.

    Yay for fawns and baby woodpeckers! There must be a LOT of bugs in your log to get Mama so excited.

    I love spiderwebs - until I walk into one. LOL!

    Mom called last night, totally frantic and insisting her Quicken was broken. That it wouldn't subtract, and .19 - .24 is $0. That sounds like subtracting to me, even if it's wrong. No idea what her problem was, so I promised to look at it this morning, but she got it figured out. Thank goodness!