Tuesday, August 14, 2018

The Back/Neck/Shoulder Thing

If you missed seeing a post yesterday on Outside the Box, I was trying to limit my time on the computer in an effort to get over the damn back/neck/shoulder pain.  I sat here only long enough to edit a few pages at a time and then back to the recliner.  Off and on all day.  Since it seems to be working, it's likely going to be more of the same today. 

Except in addition to editing, I also have spreadsheets to do.  That stuff requires hunching over sheets of paper with my eyeglasses on and a magnifying glass in hand, entering lines of data.  Life would be so much easier if the manufacturers emailed the spreadsheets, but since they don't, I have to work with what I have.  :shrug:

On the upside, my malady has recovered enough that I can read again.  Also, in small spurts to not aggravate the issue.  But I'm reading.

Hubs asked if perhaps I was thinking about going to a doctor.  My first answer was 'Nope'.  My second answer was 'Actually, I have been thinking about it and the decision was 'nope'. What are they going to do?'  To which he said, "I don't know.  Maybe give you muscle relaxants?"  Which was when I reminded him that I am allergic to muscle relaxants.  A fact discovered the first time I pulled the same damn muscle in my back in 1988, humping luggage up three flights of stairs during college orientation.  Got home, went to the doctor who prescribed a muscle relaxant, and hello to the cure being worse than the injury.  I'm never going to try that again, lemme tell ya.

On the upside, this particular back thing hasn't bothered me in years, and it's more annoying than anything.  I have things to do and do not have time to be laid up.  But, as Sunday taught me, I'd better take some time to take things slower or I'll be screwed.  (Sunday morning I felt a little better, so I overdid it and Sunday night I paid the price.) 

And to that end, I've been sitting in this chair long enough now that I'd better get off the computer for a while.  Just to be safe.  I'll be around on and off to check comments, though. 

Peace out.


  1. Hang in there. Do what needs to be done. You probably know, but heat and ice. And ibuprofen. Sometimes, I have to get the shiatsu chair massager thingy out to put in my desk chair, or if it's my neck, the neck thingy. That path usually hurts so good until the knot is worked out or the muscle relaxed enough not to seize. Fun times! Not!!!!!

    Hang in there!

  2. Hugs! I second the heat and ice idea. Maybe get a massage?

    But I'm with you - I usually lie low and suffer through.