Sunday, August 26, 2018

Sunday Update - Week 33

Well, it was a busy week here at Sanderson Acres (wholly own subsidiary of Sanderson, Inc. LLC.) despite the fact that I don't really feel like I did anything.

Writing... No new words, but a lot of writerly things were going on.  I did some polishing work on Unequal to get it ready for AWE (Awesome Wonderful Editor, for the new people).  I set up the print version of Sleeping Ugly, got it loaded and approved, and ordered a proof copy.  I set up the print version of Early Grave (finally) and got it loaded on Friday.  Yesterday, I got the notification there were some issues, which I addressed and then re-uploaded.  We'll see what the review is like today.  I'll either address them or ignore them today depending on their level of crucialness.  (Like a potential blurriness in cover details - which I intentionally made kind of blurry, so no big deal.  The fonts are clear and crisp.  The old lady in her wheelchair?  Hazy on purpose.)  We'll see how the proof looks once I get it.  :shrug:

I also began the slog to update all the backmatter of all my books to show that I now have 12 books published.  It's no big deal either.  Open the file, add in the back matter, save.  Go to Amazon, upload new file, go through their stuff, click publish.  DE, FG, and EG are done.  I was a toad yesterday, but I'll get to the rest of them today.

Amazon found one typo in FG that neither it nor I had found before, so it's all good.  I left the H out of enthralled in one spot.  Derp.  It's fixed in the ebook.  Print books do not get fixed.  The expense of new proofs every time I changed backmatter or fixed a typo would wreck me.

I read a bunch.

We went fishing one afternoon.  Nothing exciting to report.  I caught a little bass and Hubs caught a couple little punkinseeds.  It was just nice to be at the lake.

Now that my back is mostly normal again, I'm back to exercising.  I'm sticking to walking for the most part.  The other exercising, I'm doing a little bit of.  Don't want to push it.  Still, I managed to get back to the weight I was at before the back thing hit.  180.4.   Next stop, 179 point something.  I haven't seen a seven in that position on the scale in probably ten years.

The drought is over here.  Not officially because the weather people do love to clench onto their pet calamities.  But since it's raining just about every day, and the grass is all green, and the weeds are growing like, well, weeds, I'm declaring it over.  Hubs mowed and already it's almost time to mow again.  He also sprayed the driveway weeds with a vinegar and Dawn solution.  I really have to weed the flower beds this week sometime.

I can't believe the week ahead is the last week of August.  Where did all those weeks go?

Your turn.  How did your week that was go?


  1. This revision might just kill my brain. That said, I'm probably going to really like this book once I get it done. Which I need to do ASAP. It has a March release date. And I got the reader letter in today, which is only two days late. *headdesk*

    I want to start a list of "best lines of the episode" for Live PD and Nightwatch Nation.

    Did I mention revisions? Yeah, that was pretty much my week. That and listening to books that I've alread heard. Oh, and reading a little. I'm about half-way through SLEEPING UGLY but my eyes are acting up so I can only read a couple of pages at a time. Which sucks. But I'll get there, because...SNARK!

    That's it for me. And that'll be it for me until I get through these next 70 pages. *headdesk*

    1. Ugh. I'm sorry the revisions are kicking you in the brain.

      LOL, that would be fun. I tried watching Nightwatch again. Some of it is too gross for me. :shudder:

      I wish I had a way to do Audible, so you could enjoy my books without your eyes acting up. Than you so much for reading them. :hugs: And I'm glad you're enjoying the snark. =o)

      I hope you got through your 70 pages yesterday.

  2. Yay for Unequal and Sleeping Ugly! And for AWE, too, of course. :-)

    Double - no, triple yay for your drought ending. Hooray! If you get too much rain, send some my way.

    Ugh to end matter. I finally got mine updated and uploaded. Thank Word for cut and paste!

    I got a few pages in SR written, and I'm threatening to change the title. Plus a bunch of work in the dressmaking book. It's officially half done. And officially WAY TOO LONG. LOL!

    1. Thanks, Deb! And yeah, we're pretty happy about the rain. If I could, I'd push some in your direction.

      YAY for getting your backmatter done!

      Yay also for writing pages! Eh, title changes happen. And yay for your dressmaking book! LOL, at least it isn't way too short and you're scrambling to find material to put in. You'll pare it down later. :hugs: