Saturday, August 11, 2018

Saturday Reading Wrap-Up - 8/11/18

I picked up another bunch of new to me books this week - some needing review love and others just because they sounded interesting. Let's see, I got Tom's Inheritance (Arthurian fantasy), Magic Born (urban fantasy), Suddenly Sorceress (urban fantasy), Resurgence (urban fantasy? paranormal suspense?) and A Scone to Die For (mystery).  All free.  Then last night, I picked up a book I've been meaning to read called Sabercat (SF) for $2.99.  It's all good.

Here's what happened in my reading week:

54) The Haunting of Hattie Hastings: Part One by Audrey Davis (8/6/18) - Paranormal Chick Lit?* - 4 stars.  New to me with plenty of reviews.
Review: " Okay, so I didn't notice this was Part One of Three when I downloaded it. I actually didn't notice until midway through it, but it was intriguing enough that I forged ahead, hoping it was a complete book in itself but maybe one part of a larger story arc. Nope. It just stops. On a cliffhanger, of course, which is kind of dirty pool, if you ask me. However, having said all that, I really did enjoy reading this part. And when my book budget allows, I might go in search of parts 2 & 3. I guess what I'm saying is it's worth reading, but make sure you download all three parts so you can read them straight through. Otherwise, it's a bit of a bummer when it stops"

53) M in the Demon Realm by Mark William Hammond (8/5/18) - Urban Fantasy* - 4 stars.  New to me and a little underappreciated (under 25 reviews).
Review: "I had a really tough time getting through like the first half of this - not because it was slow or uninteresting, but because it was all 'short attention span theater'. No scene breaks. No chapters. One sentence you're here and the next you're there. But I forged ahead and I was glad I did because it really is a kickass story. I mean, once you get used to the totally off-the-wall way of storytelling. Maybe if I was younger I could've handled it better and it would've been a five star read for me. Your mileage may vary."

DNF (8/4/18) - Title Redacted - Mystery.  The story seemed interesting and kind of fun until I got slapped in the face with what appeared to be the author's cognitive dissonance.  You really shouldn't have your characters act one way philosophically for the first part of the book and then slip a totally opposite way of thinking into their persona in the middle.  Not without cause.  It's disingenuous.  Maybe if the character had some kind of epiphany which changed their thinking 180 degrees, but not out of the blue.  It's like dating a guy who's totally awesome and wonderful, so you move in with him, and that's when he turns into a complete asshole. Umm, yeah...

I'm currently reading Prince of Poison (fantasy) but it's been slow going because I pulled something in my back/neck and hunching over the ereader is exacerbating it.  I have to finish reading it by tonight, though, because my edits are due in today and I have to get cracking on those.  Not sure if that's gonna happen, though.

Speaking of edits, I don't expect to read a lot over the next week because I ought to be concentrating on getting this book finished and loaded for publication.  We'll see.

Read any good books this week?

Short Addendum: This morning I pre-ordered Silver James' Under the Assassin's Moon (paranormal romance), but it's not due to hit my Kindle until the 21st.  


  1. Awwww! Thank you!

    I'm doing a relisten of Jennifer Ashley's Shifters Unbound series. I first listened to the books early in the spring so I'm not actually marking them again on Goodreads. I'm still like 30 books ahead of my challenge as is. They're good, but still being fresh in my memory, I remember what's happening so I can stop listening and work instead of wanting to put everything off and just pay attention to the story. I'm waiting for Ilona Andrews's MAGIC TRIUMPHS to come out on the 28th.

    In the meantime, I should be revising but I haven't even opened the stupid file. *sigh* Maybe later.

    Take care of yourself! How are you going to fish with your neck and back bothering you? ;)

    1. You're welcome. And thank you for writing it! Yay for being 30 books ahead! You rock!

      I hear that. I got actually got SU back yesterday afternoon, and other than looking at JC's edit letter, I didn't touch it. We've got to get motivated. :whipcrack:

      I'm trying to take care of myself. I did fish once last week and it wasn't too bad on my back, but then I did the Wallyworld the next day and made it worse. :shrug: I won't be going fishing until this edit is done and SU is uploaded, though, so maybe my back will be normal by then.