Thursday, June 21, 2018

Thursday This n That

It rained yesterday for the first time since May 25th.  We got 4/10ths of an inch.  Not a deluge, but it's a start.  I had Hubs open the front door so we could listen to it.  Not for long... cuz, you know... bugs... but it was nice for a minute there.

Is it just me or has the world gone batshit freakin' insane lately?  Oh, holy crap.  Can't read my FB feed without purging someone from my view.  And forget Twitter.  I wasn't even on there for a minute before I ran screaming from the virtual room.  And saying 'I don't usually post about political things but I can no longer hold my tongue' and then spewing a load of verbal diarrhea?  Yah, ain't helpin'.  If it's wrong now, then it was wrong two, five, ten years ago, so what held your tongue then?

We had a lovely visit with our company.  Super nice people.  Interesting to talk to.  Fun to be around.  He was Hubs' best friend in high school and his wife was a former librarian.  What more could you ask for?  Sure, I still had to take a five minute alone break, but that's me.  Socialization, even with the best of people, is tiring.  Of course, I overbought on the cold cuts.  We have a ton of leftover deli ham and turkey.  Sammiches for everyone! 

Today is the day I'm supposed to have an ad going out.  Problem: it's a new source for me and I hadn't signed up for their newsletter until this morning, so I probably won't actually SEE what the ad looks like today.  Problem #2: After I signed up for their newsletter, they had links to their FB and Twitter.  They haven't posted to FB in years.  The Twitter feed is current, but I'm not sure if what I paid for includes tweets.  Caveat Emptor.  But more about that another day.

We saw our first fawn of the season yesterday!  So tiny and so cute! 

The rabbits have now accepted Hubs as one of their own.  They still move out of the way of the giant human, but not very far and as soon as he moves, they go back to where they were.

Okay, that's about it from me today.  What's it for you?


  1. We had rain yesterday too, and hopes for more over the weekend.

    I can't imagine people coming over, sitting on my couch, and just...chatting. I've become an old curmudgeon who can barely get through a meal in a restaurant with the family. LOL

    I'm on the last chapter. I hit a wall yesterday on how to end the stupid book. I have the last few lines but nada on how to get there. LG and I batted a few ideas around. Once I get more coffee into my brain, I'll stare at the page and figure it out. Hopefully.

    The squirrels are getting bold. They sit on the ground taunting Cooper. They think he's big and slow and ignoring them. I figure to find a squirrel tail one of these days.

    Yes, the world has gone batshit insane and covered in crazy sauce. I want to stab the delete/block/unfollow button continuously. There are authors I will never buy another book from because their blind adherence to the BS has totally pissed me off. There are friends I'd like to keep but I won't if I read their views. I have political views. I don't spout them because I'll alienate at least half of my consumer base. If I made so much money with my writing that I could slice off half of my readers, maybe. I'm not that big and every cent of royalty counts, so...

    I'm drinking from the coffee travel cup that leaks today. I forgot to run the dishwasher and all the others are dirty. I need a bib.

    Time to get off the Innertubes of Doom and get to work. I also have to scrape together $$ for a grocery run. That will cut into my writing time.

    Stay safe out there, m'friend!

  2. Hooray for rain! We got 1/3" - every drop counts. I heard a rumor (seemed too vague to call it a report) that said the wetter the June, the cooler the summer. I think we're in for a scorcher.

    Yay for fawns and friendly rabbits!

    So not going near FB or Tw. Everybody's gone nuts. :-/

    I hope your sale takes off!!! I need to break down and run one... Sigh.

    I've been totally out to lunch this week. But I'm done with PC-updating, shopping, and Dad-sitting for a few days. Come morning, I plan to sit my butt in the chair and stare at the screen until words start popping out!