Thursday, June 14, 2018

Thursday This n That

I glanced out the window a little while ago to see about a half dozen deer milling around near the feed pans.  I found Hubs and said, "Honey, your entourage is here."  LOL

He made feeding them his first priority this morning.  There's one yearling buck we call Bumper who waits just inside the woods for Hubs to put the food in the pans.  As soon as Hubs heads back up the hill, there comes Bumper.  (Yes, Hubs is extremely careful out there.  He knows they are wild things with the potential to jab the hell out of him with antlers - even fuzzy ones - and kick the crap out of him.) 

On another note, but a similar one, the local rabbit (BunBun) has become so relaxed around here, it now has to be shooed out of the way so Hubs can feed.  BunBun likes to get right in the middle of the pan and munch the corn at his leisure.  He also regularly takes his siesta in the front lawn.  Flops right down and snoozes.  It's a good life here.

I've been flying along with wild abandon on what I've titled 'Ugly and the Beast' (Sleeping Ugly 2).  I have no idea where I'm going.  I'm just careening down the byways hoping I don't crash into anything gnarly.  I'm up to 6800 words as of last night.  Woohoo.

I actually went fishing a couple days ago.  It was lovely at the lake until these two young dudes came by with their big ass boat, water skiing.  And playing gangsta rap at obscene volumes.  Seriously annoying.  Then yesterday I was at the nearby convenience store getting a beverage and gossiping when I saw them.  One of them couldn't have been more than 5' tall - shaggy bronze hair with tattoos crawling up his arms.  The other was maybe my height (5'7"-8") with long straight black hair tied back in a semi-ponytail.  Also covered in tattoos.  Their tattoos were so black they looked like they'd been painted on with India Ink instead of tatted on.  They acted like whipped puppies while they were in the store and then scurried out to get into a new SUV with an older gentleman behind the wheel.  Daddy's car.  Daddy's boat.  Rich kids on the lake acting like Barney Badass gangsta wannabes.  Thank goodness they didn't act like that in the store.  They would've gotten their asses handed to them by the locals.  (The convenience store is a hangout for the local farmers and salt of the earth types.)

And yes, gossiping.  I am wont to do that on occasion.  But I see so few people I care to talk to that it's rare.  On this particular day, my neighbor who works at the convenience store was feeling chatty.  So, we chatted while she helped customers.  It was an enlightening conversation about the little Peyton Place that is my neighborhood.  There's some kind of weird ass feud going on between this person and those people, to the point that this person feels the need to lie to those people. I told the gal I was speaking to that what this person was telling those people wasn't true and laid out the facts.  It may come back around to me.  I don't care.  I hate liars. 

Ever watch that show Fear Thy Neighbor?  It's on Investigation Discovery and it's all about neighborhood disputes that go horribly awry and end in murder.  Yeah, I worry about that stuff sometimes, which is why I try not to get involved in neighborhood disputes.  I just couldn't help myself yesterday.  Lying makes me so mad.

It occurs to me that I have never talked to the neighbor who works at the convenience store inside the neighborhood.  I met her at the store and we talk at the store.  We wave when we pass in our cars.  But that's it.  And we both like it that way.  She and her husband keep to themselves and we keep to ourselves. 

Anyway, that's about it for me today.  What about you? 

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