Thursday, June 28, 2018

Thursday This n That

It's too freakin' hot.  Yesterday the heat index here was 103F.  More of the same today.  Yuck.  It's freakin' JUNE for petesakes.  I am not looking forward to July and August.

Speaking of July, Independence Day is next Wednesday.  They started shooting off fireworks here last weekend.  Meh.  I hate fireworks.  It gets dark after 9pm.  I go to bed at 9pm most nights.  See why I hate fireworks?

I do love Independence Day, though.  Birth of the greatest nation and all that.  Just not thrilled with the banging and the booming people use to celebrate.  Yeah, yeah, 'rockets red glare', 'bombs bursting in air'.  It's our national anthem, but it refers to a battle in the War of 1812, not the Revolutionary War wherein we became a great nation.  Know what I'm sayin'?

I was having a devil of a time finding those whirling flower thingies that are supposed to drive away moles.  I mean, I found some online, but they wanted a small fortune for them.  My Mom found them near her, bought some, and shipped them to me.  They're red, white, and blue.  That's the kind of celebration of our country I can get behind.  And I haven't seen much mole activity since I put them in the ground.  Win win.

Despite the heat, I have an overwhelming urge to bake something.  I found a recipe for something with pumpkin and cake mix (both of which I already have in the house).  Yeah, yeah, pumpkin is for fall, but I want pumpkin now.  If I can remember to make it before the house heats up too much.  Having the oven on when it's already hot doesn't thrill me.

My bird of the day is the American White Pelican.  I don't know if any of you have ever had the opportunity to watch pelicans fly, but it's an awesome thing.  They fly in formation - not like geese and their V, but more like the Blue Angels.  Four or five pelicans flying together, turning together, and landing together as if it's choreographed.  Pretty cool stuff.  We don't get pelicans here as far as I've seen, but I used to watch them when we were at the beach in FL.  I kind of miss it.

Okay, time to start the day before the day heats up to much to want to do anything but sit in the AC and read.  What's up with you?


  1. Heat alert here too. You're my last stop and then I'm headed to Wallyworld for groceries before we get any hotter. I bailed, scrubbed, and refilled the dog pools early. Still need a shower before I see real people.

    In the course of edits, I have discovered my heroine is ambidextrous, except she's not supposed to be. LOL I'm fixing that. I'm also straightening out eye color. I have 20K words to shift through and then it's off to beta reader and editor while I set up formatting.

    I have ANOTHER set of revision notes coming from my HQ editor next week. I'm worried they want to take all the quirky out of Zoe. I won't be a happy camper. I'll give them soap opera in the next however many books but Zoe HAS to be quirky. Period.

    The family will be riding the American Legion float on Wednesday. Then we'll be collapsing under the AC. We don't do fireworks anymore and I get all pissy when the idiots set them off in the neighborhood. The boys hate the noise and our fire danger is always a concern, even with all the rain we had last weekend.

    I finished the series relisten and new release listen I'd embarked on. I'm doing a second series relisten while waiting for the release of the audio version of the first book in a spin-off series that released in digital. I'm hoping it'll be available by the time I finish. If not, I have it on Kindle and will resort to reading it. :(

    Okay. Nine o'clock. Time to get groceries so I can get back to work and finish the dang edits!

    Later, tater.

  2. This: Today is Dad-sitting day. No work will get done, unless I find some energy tonight. Again. Because:

    That: I cracked a tooth on Saturday, and finally got it pulled yesterday. In 6 little pieces. Ick. I feel a little shocky, but I'm in less pain now. Win-win. :-)