Sunday, June 17, 2018

Sunday Update - Week 23

Well, it's Sunday again.  Before I forget...  Happy Father's Day to them what are fathers. 

Now, here's a look at the week that was.

I'm up to about 6800 words on Ugly and the Beast.  I have an idea for the next scene but the gumption to write is pretty weak lately. 

As for reading, I finished 4 books last week.  The three that are on my Saturday Reading Wrap Up and the one I mentioned as having started.  I finished that one last night.  So good that I spent the majority of yesterday in my recliner, reading it.

It's too hot to garden and it's too hot to fish, for the most part. I did go fishing once and caught a couple small fish, then the sun came out and the heat went up and the people came out, so I went home.  As for the gardens, they're growing right along.  I have to water at least every other day right now, because it hasn't rained in like 10 days and the futurecast ain't looking too good either.

I only managed 5 out of 7 days on the 'do something active every day' thing.  But Tuesday was a 3 actives day - exercised for 26 minutes, walked a mile, and went fishing.  Wednesday I was too pooped to do anything but water the gardens (which counts as active since I have to drag the hose all over our large yard.)  The scale showed 189.6 on Friday, so I must've done something right.  Eight tenths of a pound in a week is okay by me. 

Yesterday was the beginning of a mad cleaning spree.  (I cleaned all morning and read after that.)  Today will be more of the same.  We're supposed to have company coming sometime this week.  We never have company, so this'll be an event.  On the bright side, however this company thing goes, the house will be really clean.  But right now, I'm walking around going 'GAH!  Where did all this dust come from???'.

Haven't seen the itty-bitty bunny again.  But we now have a turtle stopping by the feeding area every day.  Still seeing the adult bunnies, so there's that.  And the deer, but they haven't started bringing babies yet.  The wait continues.

And that's about it for my week.  How was yours?


  1. Yay for losing weight! You're losing at a healthy pace. It's tooooo hot to do too much active stuff. I've cut my morning walk in half.

    I broke down and ordered Word 16 - I will *not* pay yearly for 365! - but Dell hasn't sent me the download link yet. Bummer. I tried Open Office, but it messed up my test file. :-(

    I've been on a reading binge ever since this PC "upgrade" started. It's the only way I can cope. I need to download two more programs, but I've already used up over half my monthly broadband allowance.

    Wanders off to to find another book to read.

  2. It was a week. Lots of stuff in the neighborhood of the dysfunctional family kind. Not the neighbors' but her ex who is a douche.

    One of two things, I'm eventually going to write a book about a vigilante group that goes hunting for justice (of the s/he deserved killing variety), or I may be looking to set up an LLC of the same variety.

    Not enough duct tape in the world. Not that it can fix stupid, but it does silence it for a bit.

    Writing is slow, which sucks. I keep saying I need to fix that and I keep procrastinating. :/

    Stormageddon is a T-ball whiz. LOL Next game is tomorrow evening. I'm picking him up at daycare so Only doesn't have to leave work so early. Baseball Boy has a Red Dirt game (long story--high school summer league for short), and Lawyer Guy has hearings. It'll be just Only, me, and Stormy.

    Boring week, in retrospect. Here's to a better one.