Thursday, June 7, 2018

Thursday This n That

They finally shipped my last hydrangea bush that I ordered a month ago.  Which was all kind of irritating.  It also didn't make any sense to me that they had a 'free shipping' sale and then sent everything I ordered in separate shipments.  That had to cost them a pretty penny.  Not the best way to do business, if you ask me.  :shrug:

I did not get pictures of my lilies and now they're on the downslope of peak blooming.  Sorry about that.

The bugs have been vicious and plentiful so far this year.  We have no clue what's biting us, but the bites are SUPER itchy and nothing really works on them long term.  (I have a plethora of anti-itch things to use, too.)  Hubs sprayed the yard again yesterday, ahead of schedule because he's fed up.  I hope that spraying kills whatever the hell these things are.  These bites are making us miserable - especially at night when the itch keeps us from sleeping.  (Like we needed any help not sleeping.  Sheesh.)

FB invited me to connect my FB with my Instagram.  So I did it.  I still can't do anything with Instagram because they don't have any applications that are compatible with a plain, ol', regular computer.  Supposedly, though, if I pay for an FB ad, it will show up on Instagram.  :shrug:

We've been watching The Best Baker in America.  I really can't stand Scott Conant (sp?).  What a smug, pretentious little bug.  But I love Jason Smith -he's really the main reason we watch.  And don't think I miss when Scott makes little digs at Jason.  What a buttwart.  Poor Jason looks like that show is sucking the joy right out of him.  When will Food Network give that man his own show like they promised when he WON that season of Food Network Star?   I think they're just stringing him along until he gets fed up and quits because they can't handle a personality like his - real, down-to-earth, folksy.  Jus' sayin'.

Okay, I think that's quite enough out of me this morning.  What this n that have you got goin' on?

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  1. Buttwart. AHahahahahahhHAAAAA. I must use this word!

    We have rain and thunder this morning. I have a dog under my desk. A large 100+ pound black dog.

    Writing is non-existent lately. I need to fix that. I also need to stop with the Bing Fun page and the stupid time-wasters.

    It's so dark out, it looks like nighttime. Wowser.

    That's about it for me, too. Later, tater.