Tuesday, June 19, 2018

When Hermits and Company Collide

I've told y'all before that I am a hermit.  Hubs is a hermit, too.  And the cat is basically agoraphobic.  We don't socialize.  With anyone.  Ever. 

Now, we aren't quite at the level of the cat.  We don't run and hide when people happen to come over.  But those who have come into our house are either service personnel or neighborly drop-ins.  The service people come in, do what they need to do and then leave.  The drop-ins are rarely here for long and they don't usually make it past the dining room/entryway. 

Today, however, is a red letter day at our little hermitage.  We have actual people coming over.  People we invited to come over*.  And they'll be staying for at least a few hours. 

We've cleaned the house furiously.  Because, ya know, hermits.  And while we don't live in a pigsty, it's usually not 'company coming' clean around here.  We don't really care if there's a bit of dust or a little clutter.  Anything we use regularly is left out somewhere instead of put away.  That sort of thing. 

Plus, we smoke.  And while we don't notice the mustiness of leftover cigarettes, we're betting other people will notice.

Anyway, the house has been dusted and vacuumed and Febrezed to within an inch of its life.  And we're ready for them to come today.  It's actually kinda nice having the house all spiffy.  And it'll be kinda nice to sit around and socialize with other human beings for a while.  I'm going to try to put on my extrovert costume - I hope it still fits - and not be a wallflower.  Today we'll be a normal couple hanging out with another normal couple, doing couply things.

Fingers crossed it all goes well.

What about you?  Do you do 'company' or are you a hermit, like me?

* If you drop in on me, you get what you get - ratty clothes, messy hair, untidy house.  You took your chances when you didn't bother calling first.  (And they never seem to call first.  Not sure why that is.)


  1. I get tired of company after three hours. Greg can talk until midnight, but I need to be left alone by hour 4 or I turn into a pumpkin. :)

  2. Y'all are my people. That is all. ;)

  3. I'm lucky if I last an hour, even with close family. And nobody comes to my house. I don't even have a driveway. You drive across the lawn or walk from my sister's house.

    So how did today go?