Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The Anti-Bucket List

With people running around talking about their 'bucket lists' - things they someday want to do - I got the urge to make an Anti-Bucket List.  It's a list of things I never want to do that other people might have on their bucket lists.  Or in a few cases, things I never want to do AGAIN.

- Swim with sharks

- Run with the bulls in Pamplona
- Drive a race car
- Eat octopus
- Climb Mt. Everest (or any other mountain)
- Encounter a bear in the wild
- See the Taj Mahal
- Visit any of the Disney theme parks
- Ride a roller coaster
- Ski
- Sail around the world
- Take a trip to Europe.  Or Africa.  Or Asia.  Or South America.
- Learn to knit
- Fly over the Grand Canyon in a small airplane
- Go to NYC
- Wrangle an alligator

 What don't you want to do?  And remember, there are a lot of things that no one wants to do, so let's leave those off.   As a bonus round, who can guess which of the above are things I've already done and would rather never do again?


  1. Things I never want to do:
    Eat Balut
    Get Ebola
    Climb Everest
    Learn to play an instrument (any, but especially the balalaika)
    Get hypothermia (BTDT)
    Ok, maybe some of these aren't things other people would have on their bucket list! LOL

  2. I've actually done a few things on your anti-bucket list. *looks shifty-eyed* That said, here's my list:

    -Run for office
    -Visit Antarctica
    -Bungee jump off a bridge
    -Eat haggis or kimchi (though not sure anyone actually WANTS to...)
    -Go to Russia, North Korea, or China
    -Attend any entertainment awards show...ever! (Unless, in the unlikely event that a book of mine is adapted into a movie or TV show and is nominated....because...yeah.)
    -Move to another house (after 20 years in this house, there's no way to clear all the crap out and pack it! Well, unless we win the lottery and I can pay people to do it for me...)

    I'm sure there's more but I need more coffee. ;)