Saturday, January 13, 2018

Saturday Fishing Report - 1/13/18

If you stopped by for a Saturday Fishing Report, please understand that it's mid-winter in the Ozarks and I have no boat I can use by myself. 

I did go out once this past week.  The water level is most excellent for bank fishing.  I can walk pretty much to everywhere I've caught fish in the past.  Unfortunately, nothing was biting.  Well, actually I did have something hit my worm on a reel-back, but it didn't seal the deal and it never hit again.  Then the wind started to pick up and I was freezing my buns off with nothing to show for it, so I went home and had a cup of cocoa.

I can't wait for spring to begin.


  1. So with you there! I'm sitting inside my house wearing three layers and a blanket. I can't wait for spring, too!

  2. Kinda hard to take a boat out when the lake is frozen over. Just sayin'... ;)

    And yeah. We're back to semi-warn and freakin' cold, depending on the day. I'm going to stay hunkered inside with hot drinks, fuzzy slippers and warm blankets.