Sunday, January 21, 2018

Sunday Update - Week 3

Another week that went by way so fast I'm not even sure it was a week.

I didn't write anything this past week, but I did get some editing done.  I'm finished with the first read-through of the first draft of Early Grave.  I ended up with 16 pages of edit notes, which actually isn't too bad.  Of those, I've gotten four entered into the manuscript.  Six days to do the other 12.  Umm...  I can do it?  Of course I can.  Will I?  Time will tell.

I got a really awesome review for Fertile Ground this week.  And she advises that perhaps I should let readers know this book should not be started before bed because she did so, hoping to read a chapter or two.  She stayed up all night and finished it in one sitting.  YAY!... I mean, Sorry.  But yay.

I'm still chugging along on Shogun.  I'm up to around pg 280 (out of like 1200 pgs with tiny tiny font).  I'm enjoying the story so far.

It's been freakin' cold here and snowy.  I didn't even make it off the property for a week - waiting for the roads to be clear enough for safe passage.  I finally got out on Thursday.  It was cause for celebration.

Hubs and I are in the planning stages for a reforestation project in our woods.  Which means we're looking online at various tree-selling sites and trying to decide what we want to do.  We are pretty much decided on buying some red cedar saplings to try and fix what the previous owner did.  Some dogwoods would be nice.  And redbuds.  They have to be at least partial shade loving because it's the woods.

We're also in the middle of cleaning up the woods, but that had to be put on hold because snow.

And now I'm at the point where I can't remember what happened this past week and what may have happened the week before, so I'll just call it a day. 

Have an awesome week everybody!


  1. Are you sure you want to plant red cedar? Or any other cedar? They were planted here to help with soil erosion and now they are weed trees that are deadly in grass/wild fires. And the red cedar pollen ranks right up there with ragweed. The redbuds are a good choice. They'll also reseed. You can "harvest" the pods and scatter them.

    Yay on the review! Yay for edits!

    I need more coffee now. ;)

    1. The cedars here are natural and big and lovely, and the idea is to try and replace some of the ones dipstick cut down in the years before we moved here. All those stumps make me sad. Their dead tops are what we're currently trying to drag into tidy piles. I'd find the guy and kick him, but he passed on last year. =o\


      I hope the coffee did the trick yesterday! Here's to more coffee today! =o)

  2. What a great review! Congratulations!!!

    I love cedar. The local cedars cause the most outrageous allergies, and they're gnarly little things, but I love them anyway. A sad substitute for the wonderful incense cedars I grew up with.

    I'm about 70% through DWL's outline. Yay! It's time to start pulling all the strings together and racing toward the ending! (Ick. What a mixed metaphor! But I'm suffering from brain drain. LOL!)

    1. Thanks!

      Yeah, I love them, too. We have some really nice ones in the yard, but the big ones in the woods all fell to the previous owner's need to make carved signs. Our cedars are big and bushy. Great cover for the birds and the smell is awesome. I get more allergy effects from the oaks here. Every spring my car is covered in oak pollen.

      Yay! Go you! LOL about the mixed metaphor and the brain drain. I totally get it.