Saturday, January 6, 2018

Saturday Fishing Report - 1/6/17

Welcome to the first Saturday Fishing Report of the year. 

And I got nuthin'.  It was colder than a witch's nose outside.  I walked out of the house and it felt like my eyeballs were starting to freeze.  Needless to say, not the best time to stand on the shore for any length of time.

The lake is at 909.73 as of 4am this morning.  Which means that my good standin' rock is probably above the water.  Another foot or two lower and it'll become my good sittin' rock.

In fishing news, a two-man boat competing in an FLW tournament went down on Lake Okeechobee Thursday.  One of the competitors was found.  Last report is that he's in criticial condition and suffering from hypothermia.  The other man has yet to be located.  =o(  Be careful out on the water, folks.  Right now, even FL waters are too frickin' cold to sustain human life. 

The report is that it's too cold to even go ice fishing in Michigan right now.  If you are ice fishing, please make sure the ice is thick enough to hold your weight.  If you're not sure, stay the hell off of it - and keep your kids and pets off it, too. 

I drove over the river (on the highway, not on the ice) on one of my few journeys outside the house last week.  It was frozen over.  The river.  Flowing water.  Frozen over.  :shiver:  Yup.  Hubs went over a couple days after I did, when the temperature was up about 15 degrees and he said it was starting to break up with big sheets of ice floating down it. 

Tomorrow, though.  Tomorrow is supposed to get up into the 50s.  The fish will probably still be too deep to bite near the shore, but I'm jones'n for some fishing time.  Which means I might actually have something to say about fishing next week. 

Until then, enjoy nature as much as you can in this winter chill. 

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  1. It was warm enough to start melting the ice in the dog pools yesterday. At one point, the ice was about 4 inches thick. That's just crazy for Okie-land. Looking at another day of reaching 50, and tomorrow before a slightly warmer warm-up next week. I'm glad. Cold and I don't get along. Hope you get some bites when you go and yay for the sitting rock about to reappear!