Saturday, January 20, 2018

Saturday Fishing Report - 1/20/18

Good morning and welcome to the Saturday Fishing Report, such as it is.

It was too cold and snowy to even leave the house this past week.  The local anglers are spending more time debating odd things than talking about fishing.  The water temp appears to be around 42F, which may or may not result in a shad kill which may or may not be a good thing.  :shrug:

Today there's supposed to be a fishing tournament near one of my tertiary fishing spots.  Good luck to those people.  It sounds like the majority of the bass are deep and sluggish.  A few might be coming up to the surface to enjoy the sunshine. 

Last time I looked, the river was ice-covered.  First time in 5 winters that's happened.  But today's supposed to be 61F, so it should clear up soon.  Hell, it's already 50F.  Might just have to see what happens when I drown a worm.  As long as I can get to my fishing spots without falling on my ass - no ice still doesn't mean I won't slip in the mud or something. 

I'll let you know next week.  Until then, see if you can't find some time to get outside this week. 


  1. We're up to 55. When I fed the feral cats at 6:45, I did it my pajama sleeves and flipflops, as opposed to Thursday, when I did it in snow boots and my Nanook-of-the-North coat. This whole next week is supposed to be warmer. I should get out there and empty the dog pools, scrub and refill them. I'll think about that. Over my next cup of coffee. ;)

    Go fishing, woman!

    1. I did! Didn't catch a derned thing, but I saw two eagles, a boatload of seagulls, a couple Kingfishers, and some numbnuts fishermen in a boat, putting themselves through the ice flow on the river. I kept waiting for them to either get stuck or to flip the boat.