Tuesday, January 16, 2018


It's colder than a witch's nose and everything is covered in snow.  Part of me wants to make a snowman, but the smarter part doesn't want to freeze, so in I'll stay.  Just when I was starting to think about things I want to plant and how I want my gardens to grow, the whiteness put a stop to that.

Every time I hear a mouse in the wall next to my desk, the next day there's a mouse in one of the garage traps.  My desk is not on the wall by the garage.  I know there's a huge maze of mouse runs throughout the walls.  I just think it's an interesting coincidence that I hear one here and then there's one dead over there.

I know he didn't say what they say he said, but part of me wishes he had said it.  It wasn't incorrect.  Uncouth perhaps, but not incorrect.  I could name a dozen places that fit the term off the top of my head.
Since I couldn't buy a new day-to-day bird calendar (they didn't make them this year), I'm using last year's again.  It's kind of correct - today is January 16th.  Unfortunately, 1/16/17 was a Monday.  This, of course, will not help with my inability to tell what day of the week it is.  Blerg.

Back to the snow again... I'm out of eggs and milk, but I'm not willing to risk life and limb to go get them.  This has the unfortunate effect of me wanting to make things requiring eggs and milk.  I could really go for an omelet right now.  Except for the actual act of 'going for' the ingredients.  ;o)

Some people have developed what I'll call The Black Knight Syndrome - after the Monty Python bit in Holy Grail.  "Your arm's off."  "It's just a flesh wound."  No matter how much you point out that something is awry, they'll deny it.  Of course, denying reality doesn't make it go away.  Too bad, so sad.  Denial is not just a river in Egypt.  ;o)

Did you know there are male and female trees?  Female cedar trees, for instance, are the ones with berries, and male trees have no berries.  I'll have to go check our cedars so I can tell which ones are which.  The two in front are both girls, for sure.  Covered in little blue berries every year.  Maybe the two in back are boys. Hmm.

Okay, that's about as random as I can get this morning.  Anything random from you today?


  1. Bird calendar: https://www.amazon.com/Bird-Day-2018-Daily-Calendar/dp/1943645442

    Yes. There are male and female trees. The female cottonwood is the one that sheds all that nasty cotton that clogs up AC units, vents, and my nose! Red cedar pollen is running rampant right now. Thanks female red cedar trees. ACHOOOO!

    It's colder than the anatomical accouterments of a male brass monkey stashed in an industrial freezer. But we're out of dog food. I will have to get out at some point.

    I didn't put the full trash can out today for trash pickup day. I'm hoping they let the garbage guys stay in the equipment barn where it's warm.

    Yeah, DHS Sec just confirmed he didn't say it, though admitted he was talking tough, which means he was telling the truth about certain cesspools of humanity. I'm not PC. And being not PC, my fingers are itching to post questions like, "If this particular program is so near and dear to your !#<+ leaning hearts, why didn't y'all do something when you owned the WH, HoR, and S?" Just sayin'... *nods* However, it is too cold to stir up a $h!+ storm.

    And on that note, the mail just arrived. I'm going to see if there's anything remotely interesting in the mailbox and then get back to work. I have a lesson to write, and a chapter. Fun times.

    Stay warm, my friend! ~The Most Uninteresting Woman in the World

    *runs away laughing*

  2. It's cold by us too. We're supposed to drop down to 11 degrees tonight, yet by Thursday, it'll be 65. Texas never knows whether to stay warm or cold.

    re: He said...or not.
    What Silver said. I was wondering why there was all this commotion yet not a single actual sound bite.
    Must've been a slow news day.

    Stay warm, hon. I just have to wait for Thursday.