Saturday, April 8, 2017

Saturday Fishing Report - 4/8/17

Welcome once again to the fishing report for less than competent anglers.  Not much to report as I was up to my armpits in my real job - writing.

Monday was the first time I got out to fish this past week.  Big, dark clouds with some wind and mid-60s, so the expectations were high.  I must've been wearing a sign that said 'stop and talk to me' because I wasn't out 10 minutes when an older gentleman stopped and asked me how the fishing was.  An hour later a guy about my age stopped his car and told me I was fishing in the wrong spot.  The fish were to the left of the boat ramp.  He caught a bunch of big bass there the day before, it seems.  I went over there eventually, but the wind had blown up so bad, I couldn't stand it for long.  Not a bite.  Went back to the wrong spot and caught a half dozen 5-6" bluegills.  Moved slightly and caught a 7" bluegill.  The water was still really muddy with loads of crap floating by.  I saw a lot of bass jumping, but none of them wanted to get on my hook.  Oh well.

Thursday - I finally got back out again.  The first location I tried was a bust - in both spots.  One spot was on the east side of a point with ledges.  Nope.  Then I moved over to the west side in a cove, but the wind was blowing hard enough I couldn't get a good cast.  And no bites.  I moved to the go-to locale.  Caught 1 bass and 6-7 bluegills in about 2 hours.  The water was still muddy as all get out and they were all biting within 8' of shore, about 6' down.  I was still fighting the wind, but it was working for me.  I think the bass was a spotted bass.  About 12".  I say 'think' because it had no markings at all.  Solid green.  I had to go by the mouth size and shape.  Too big a mouth to be a small mouth and it wasn't big enough to be a largemouth, so I'm going with spotted.  The bluegills were all in the 5-6" range. 

We're sliding around to 'summer' fishing here - which means the weather is nice enough for people to flock to the lake on the weekends, and since I don't want to be around tons of people, I'll probably start sticking to weekdays and mornings.  It also means, I guess, that I'll be catching more bluegills again.  I'm fine with that.  They're good eating.  When they're big enough to bother with.  Over 7", but I prefer over 8" for filleting.  And we have plenty of those in the lake, so I'm good.

That's it for me.  Have a great coming week and enjoy the outdoors if you get a chance.

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  1. We have a storm front due tomorrow. Maybe Monday will be a good day for you?

    And yeah, summer people. Ugh. *rolls eyes*