Saturday, April 15, 2017

Saturday Fishing Report - 4/15/17

Hello again and welcome to the fishing report for less than competent anglers.

Sunday - Got out early and hit the lake about 7am.  I went to a cove I know of with loads of standing timber, off a feeder creek to the main lake.  Caught one 12" spotted bass.  Then I got hung up.  I broke the line and the bobber just bobbed there, still attached to the rig.  Too far to reach.  I went back to the tackle box to re-rig and out of the corner of my eye, I see the bobber disappear then a couple seconds later, it pops back up.  Damn it.  So, I finish rerigging and start fishing again, but that damn bobber was driving me nuts.  I took my worm rig off and put a lure on.  First cast, I snagged the line with the irritating bobber.  The whole thing reeled right in, easy as pie.  No worm, of course.  I guess whatever took the bobber down unsnagged the rig for me.  Not long after, the wind picked up, so I moved.  Didn't catch a ding-dang thing over there, so I went home.

Between one spot and the other, I stopped by the bait shop.  Since I was there, I thought I'd ask the gal if I could use her bathroom and save myself the extra trip into the park.  She told me I could and where to find it.  As I was headed into the deep dark recesses of the bait shop, I noticed a big sign - No Public Restroom.  After I finished, I thanked her for bending her rules for me.  And she told me why she put up the sign.  A while back, she used to let everyone use her bathroom.  Then some people in a brand new red pickup truck (she stressed the 'brand new red' part) used her facilities with their children.  After they left, the bathroom was trashed.  (I won't go into details like she did. Suffice it to say, they were disgusting.)  Now, only people she really knows - frequent flyers like me - get to use the bathroom.  Why people have to do stuff like what those folks did escapes me. Pigs.  I told the gal, 'if I trashed your bathroom, I'd never be able to come in here again', she said 'you could still come in here, I just wouldn't let you use my bathroom', and I said, 'No.  I'd be too ashamed of myself to ever come back'.  Not sure if those people ever came back.   Probably not, because she would've given them an earful and made them ashamed, if they weren't already.  Sheesh.

Monday - Went to the go-to spot because I was feeling lazy.  Caught two bluegills - a 6" and a 4".

Tuesday - Tried a place I haven't been to in months.  The ledges I had fished from are underwater now.  But I did have some luck at a place where I'd caught bass before.  12.5" spotted bass.  Then nature called and I went to the park.  No luck there at all.  Too much crap in the water still.  I did manage to land a 2' circular piece of black plastic there, though.  Like a garbage can lid, but not.  Man, that sucker fought hard.  It was like landing a sea turtle.  But I did get it out of the water and managed to frisbee it up to where the park cleaners will find it.  And if it's still there when I have a big garbage bag with me, I'll get it myself.

Friday - Back to the Tuesday location.  The water's even higher.  I started out about quarter to 8am.  Fished deep.  Fished shallow.  Threw out as far as I could.  Walked up and down the ledges.  Went down the beach a pace or two.  Nothing.  Back to the ledges, as deep as I could set the bobber and as close as I could safely let it float without it getting hung up on the rocks.  Got a nibble, set the hook, and danged if it didn't feel like I was hung up under that damn rock it was near, so I jerked a little.  And then the fight was on.  That bass must've taken the worm and then sheltered behind that rock until I jerked him loose.  When I landed him, he was a spotted bass measuring in at 14".  Same spot about 10 minutes later, I set the hook which promptly curled my line around the end of the pole.  Made reeling fun, but I was still pretty sure I had something on.  I did.  3.5-4" green sunfish.  I would've used him as bait, but he was too damn pretty.  The biting stopped right there, so I moved farther down the ledges.  About 3-4' off a big submerged rock, I got nailed.  Landed an 8" bluegill.  Nothing else, but that one fish joined the other 3 I'd caught previously for a Friday night fish fry.

That's all for me this past week.  I hope you enjoyed reading about the exploits.  Until next week.

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  1. Now I'm hungry for fish. Hope the upcoming week lands you lots of good eats. :)